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This is one for all the ex-teachers out there (or anyone who’s ever done something they shouldn’t after a couple of drinks).

A student called Patrick Davidson sent a drunken email to his lecturer asking for an extension on his essay, due the next day.

We’ll spare you the sweary message in its text-speak entirety, and provide instead a sanitised translation. Mr Davidson’s email opened with a compliment:

Mr Martin,

Just letting you know that you are a top bloke and I am sorry that you are bald.
If you want, I could introduce you to some girls who like bald men that will ensure a fulfilling sex life.
Also, I just needed to ask you for an extension on my paper. I am a little drunk and will be sick as a dog tomorrow.
Keep slaying’ boy and I forgot to do school loop again [we have no idea what this means].

Love you and see you Monday
Good Yard

Patrick Davidson

Considering the student was completely hammered when he pulled out his phone to text his teacher, the lecturer had two options. He could have disciplined the student, taken offence to his personal comments and refused the extension. Or, he could have done this:

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 7.51.40 am

We particularly love the way he signs off with the student’s own salutation. Who says teachers don’t have a sense of humour?

The email exchange was shared on social media site Reddit and has been viewed more than a million times, garnering nearly 2000 comments, many of whom were equally stunned to discover educators were human.

What do you think of the teacher’s response to his drunken student. Would you have done the same? And have you ever sent a message you shouldn’t have while under the influence? 


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  1. If humour was used more often in dealing with everyday problems the world would be a happier place. Just look how this little story has cheered up so many people.

  2. I think this teacher’s reply ties in with another Starts at 60 post today. If this student was normally polite, normally put his assignments in on time and normally sober then any decent teacher would overlook the drunken email

  3. Good on this teacher. As a retired teacher I would just like to say most of us are human with good attitudes and great love and care for our students. Well done!

  4. When I lived in the same town I taught in, I used to find myself with an entourage of students following me from shop to shop as they were amazed to find that teachers actually went shopping.

  5. If this is a High School teacher …then some additional advice on the student’s drinking problem (humorous or otherwise) could have been handy….

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    • The article states ‘lecturer’ so probably not high school but drinking can still be a concern at 21.

  6. I am passing this onto my son. He lectures part time at Deakin Uni, Burwood Vic. I think he will like this! Thanks.

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