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The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo has rolled in to Australia in preparation for the annual spectacular. It’s only the fourth time the event has left Scotland and the first time it has been held in Melbourne. In preparation for the event, some of the musicians hit the beach to rehearse for the show – and perhaps to acclimatise to the Melbourne heat!

The televised event draws millions of viewers from around the world every year as fans tune in to watch thousands of musicians perform in perfect formation. The show is always a magnificent event, with perfect choreography and intricately detailed costumes. Plus, it gives people a chance to hear the bagpipes without having to hold their hands over their ears!

In the lead up to this year’s show, the musicians treated fans to a sneak peak of their final rehearsals as they perfect this year’s theme of “fanfare for the future”. A life-size replica of Edinburgh Castle has been built just for the Melbourne show at Docklands Stadium, where the 90-minute show will take place this weekend.

Take a look at the pictures of the fanfare below.

Will you tune in to watch the show? Have you ever seen the Military Tattoo live?

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  1. wonderful I love this scotty stuff, I really like the bagpipes but don’t fancy wearing a skirt

  2. I was in Edinburgh in 1999 and we saw The Military Tattoo and it wss the 50th anniversay. We were home from Europe about 3 months and on tv they screened the actual night we were there. Fantastic night.

  3. Is this being televised on tv anyone know

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    • That would be great if you heard that, but don’t know about that, hope it will be for everyone who cannot get there, fingers crossed. From past experience, it is recorded, and televised later date, but if is sold out, and it is in Melbourne 1st time, then it may be televised, hope so.

    • Had tickets to go over on Friday but medical reason I can’t go I’m disappointed as I have always watch it on tv every yr so hope it is televised

  4. Wish I had tickets for the Tattoo, hopefully it will be on tv eventually. I’ve been to the Edinburgh Tattoo, and it was the best experience, enjoyed every moment of it. Would like more bagpipes though.

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