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Just when you thought you knew how to properly use Facebook, they decide to go and change it again.

The social media giant is planning on adding a number of new features in the coming new year. If you logged into Facebook today, you may have seen a notification stating that by using Facebook from January 2015, you accept their terms and conditions. While on the surface this may seem like they are planning major changes, the biggest change is the privacy guidelines, and how you choose the information that you want others to see. There is a full tutorial that you can look at here in order to familiarise yourself with the upcoming changes, if you feel so inclined. However odds are that this shouldn’t have any significant impact on your online activities, so feel free to play online poker to your hearts content.

One of the more noticeable changes will be the addition of a “buy button”. This morning’s Facebook statement revealed that this new feature will allow people to buy products “without ever having to leave Facebook”. Yes, it certainly is an interesting time to be alive folks.

Another feature that they want to implement is one called ‘nearby friends’. This will use your current location and then broadcast your whereabouts to your Facebook friends. Don’t be alarmed though, big brother won’t always be watching you as this feature is optional, plus you have to consciously share the information for it to be made visible to those around you. Once you decide to share, you will be able to see updates from friends in the nearby area, as well as nearby restaurant/ bar menus, music venue lineups and other public happenings.

So what do these changes mean for you? You may have to brush up on the privacy tools Facebook offers and learn how to use the new features.

Facebook reminds me of a person. It pretends to know what it’s doing, but it’s always changing little things it does in order to be the best it can be. Similar to people, it will probably keep changing until it ceases to exist. There’s nothing we can do except log off, or go with the flow.

What do you think of these upcoming changes? Will they make Facebook better or worse? Let us know in the comments

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  1. Maybe an app that stops people onyour friends list from sharing your private photos!! Would be NICE!!!

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    • If you don’t want your pix, or anything else of a private nature, being shared or downloaded – why are you putting them on FB?

    • If you don’t want friends to be able to share your photos, you can set your privacy settings to friends only and no third parties. A Google search for restrict facebook access to friends only, will start you on your way! Do however be aware that facebook can access whatever it wants!

  2. I have read this from the Facebook site and it really isn’t anything drastic. Our Govt having access to everything we look at on the internet or every SMS or email we send is more of a worry than these changes. Most people won’t even notice a change on the FB page.

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  3. If we didn’t have terrorist s the government would need to keep tabs on everything we send & read . Its for our own safety

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    • We do not need to lose our freedom to fight terrorism! That is purely a meSure to control you (think nazi!) yes, the police should be able to search, BUT with a legal warrant and NOT without accountability for improper actions!

  4. Had nothing but trouble when this messenger had to be added to I pad!!! Have just spent an hour yesterday at the Telstra shop yo have it all fixed for me…hard enough for me without more changes….

  5. If you don’t like, or don’t want, the new buttons and things – just don’t use them. Simple as that.
    Updating of ALL computer programming is simply a fact of IT life. I’ve been using computers, in my former employment and at home, for 25 years or more. I’ve seen stacks of updates and been required to use all sorts of new and different programmes in that time.
    Time won’t stand still – if you’re going to use a computer for anything, expect continual updates.
    As far as “the Government” sussing out what you’re doing and saying, if you’re not up to anything sinister, they won’t be interested in you. There will be too many bigger and juicier fish to chase.

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    • You are lucky. Those of us who are computor illiterate just bumble along, hoping for the best. The speed of change makes it difficult to keep up. You are at least reassuring me a little…lol..)

    • In the same way as car makers always release new models and their support (in the way of spare parts) for old models dry up, so it is with the IT industry.

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