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It’s been 85 years since the Queen first hopped on a pony and, as these pictures show, she has no intention of stopping yet.

The Queen was as poised and in control as ever as she rode out with a groom yesterday, her strong will evident in the fact that she still refuses to wear a riding helmet.

Her Majesty once explained that she never wore a riding hat and never will. Her racing trainer Ian Balding said in an interview once quipped “you don’t have to have your hair done like I do” when he asked why shunned the safety gear.

Instead, the Queen chose a silk scarf far less likely to crush her signature ‘do.

After her first Shetland pony, Peggy, Her Majesty’s horses included Betsy, a black farm-bred horse during the 1950s, and Surprise, a grey gelding whom the Queen raced at Ascot in 1961.

Yesterday, she was riding her favourite pony Carltonlima Emma along the river bank in Windsor.

We wonder if she’ll tune in for the results of the Melbourne Cup today, or even get up early to watch the race?


Are you surprised to see the Queen still riding her fell pony a year shy of turning 90? What’s your passion?

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  1. Wow. What an inspiration. I do wonder if she is being foolish, at her age and without a helmet a fall would have serious consequences. I am sure the pony is very docile.

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    • I am 62 and still breaking in horses. I certainly hope I do not have to be lead around on an old pony just because I am 85. You are only as old as you feel. A couple of 80 year old women recently did a large stretch of the Bicentennial National Trail on their own. Get a grip folks. She’s very fucking ordinary if you ask me, apart from the fact that she has enough money to solve all the worlds ills.

  2. Why do you all still accept the qeen of england?

    6 REPLY
  3. She’s a good tourist attraction. Inbred. Unemployed. Lives in government housing. Uneducated.

    11 REPLY
    • Disgusting comment, at least she isn’t ill-bred!!!

    • I don’t know you live, Baf Kuka (and really don’t care), but your comments are way off base. She (and the Royal Family) bring in millions of much needed pounds to the English economy, Unemployed???? Lazy??? You’ve got to be joking! She must have one of the most difficult jobs in the world. Maybe she does live in what you so graciously call “government housing” but she contributes to the upkeep. In fact when Balmoral or Windsor Castle (can’t remember which one it was) was severely damaged by fire, she paid the entire bill for the restoration. Uneducated??? Do some research or is such a thing beyond you.

  4. Giddyup Liz. Long way to the ground off a horse if you fall, should wear a helmet and lead by example.

  5. Who wouldn’t look good with the lifestyle she has, not that I would want the job but it does come with advantages. I don’t approve of the monarchy system and wouldn’t be upset to see it finished.

  6. She has never used a helmet, besides back in the day they did not wear helmets as they do now & as she has been riding for 85 years I think she is entitled to continue wearing a scarf as she always has done.

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    • Well done youir Majesty, why should you have to set an example for others. Let them make up their own minds what they want to do. Hopefully we do not live in a “Nanny State” yet.

  7. That’s my Queen god bless her amazing Lady long may she Continue to inspire us over sixties to do the best we can to keep going

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