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They’ve landed! In what has been a very big week for New Zealand, now they also have royals on their soil.

The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have arrived in New Zealand for a 12-day tour, and the inevitable just had to happen as they stepped off the plane – it was pelting down with rain.

Charles and Camilla were almost blown away by wind and rain as they arrived in Wellington and greeted Prime Minister John Key and his wife Bronagh.

Soon Australia will also see Prince Charles and Camilla but for now the Royal couple are visiting an eco-sanctuary and experiencing the diversity of Maori culture.

As is custom for any dignitaries, the pair were treated to a ceremonial welcome at Government House with New Zealand’s governor-general Sir Jerry Mateparae.

From Wellington, the royal couple will travel to Dunedin, Nelson, Ngaruawahia, New Plymouth and Auckland, reports the BBC.

They are also expected to visit Turangawaewae Marae, the home of the Kingitanga or Maori monarchs, where they will view a waka armada of canoes on the country’s longest river, the Waikato, on the North Island.

Camilla looked her usual regal self, and protected against the winds with a scarf around her head and shoulders, while Prince Charles looked dapper in a navy suit.

In Australia, the pair will visit Adelaide, Tanunda, Canberra, Sydney, Albany and Perth, and also meet Malcolm Turnbull for the first time on Remembrance Day.

See the photos and tell us, are you hoping to catch a glimpse of Camilla and Prince Charles in Australia or New Zealand?

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  1. No thanks; no one better than princess Dianna

    5 REPLY
  2. She’s a frump, to think he got rid of our beautiful Dianna to be with that, ugh

    2 REPLY
    • Princess Dianna died nearly 20 years ago. I don’t think she would still look the same as how you remember her. Look at photos of Camilla at the same age as Dianna and you’ll find that she was a good looking young woman as well.

    • he got rid of Diana? How, or are you a believer in conspiracy theories. Any flaws overlooked does this include adultery/ The beatification of Diana is sickening. And why would any Australian support the royals or the horrific system of monarchies.

  3. Who cares? big ears and horse face! Give us a young prince if we can’t have Dianna. What about the lovely Kate and some royal babies? I might get interested then. We got the booby prize this time.

    4 REPLY
    • Sorry, not even them. I just can’t understand how people revere others who are no better than themselves and also don’t understand how people think they are above others and require special attention, all at others expense. So over these parasitic royalty and not just the British ones but the whole bloody lot of them.

    • Both of you could learn a few manners you have absolutely no reasons to be so nasty and disrespectful.

    • I am being nice, Ruth, if I get nasty, your ears will burn. And why should anyone show respect to “them”? Go back in history and you will discover how, through murder, incest, treason, theft, royalty has evolved. That is nothing to be proud of.

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