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During her whirlwind two-day tour of London, Michelle Obama made time on her schedule to have tea with one special friend. The pair have met previously and are said to get on splendidly.

The last time Mrs Obama visited Kensington Palace is was with her husband, Obama. On this occasion, Mrs Obama was accompanied by her two beautiful daughters, Malia and Sasha, and her mother, Marian Robinson, as part of a global tour promoting Mrs Obamas Let Girls Learn Initiative.

The White House has released this sole picture of Mrs Obama taking tea with everyone’s favourite Prince, Harry.


Harry said he was ‘very pleased’ to host the First Lady and was “delighted” to meet her family, a palace spokesman said.

He said he was keen to catch up with them after the warm welcome he received at the White House during his trip to America two years ago when he was a surprise guest at Mrs Obama’s Mother’s Day tea for military mothers.

Mrs Obama and the Prince share a passion for supporting veterans and their families.

Mrs Obama is in the UK as part of her campaign to improve education for the world’s poorest girls. She met with UK Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife Samantha at 10 Downing Street and visited a working-class school, Mulberry School for Girls in Tower Hamlets.

Mrs Obama says education is an “urgent economic issue” and later unveiled a five-year program in the Democratic Republic of Congo to give 450,000 children the chance to get a primary school education.

Let Girls Learn will also help almost 1.4million girls and boys learn to read in conflicted areas.

Tell us, if you could meet any member of the Royal Family, who would it be? 

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  1. I’m jealous. I’d love to have time chatting with Harry. He’s just a lovely down to earth normal guy.

  2. Think it would be Harry as he seems down to earth and real, with a sense of humour and in some-ways like his Mother I feel.. I saw her years ago when she visited Australia,She gave a speech in Wollongong in open air not on podium it is true, but in my memory still bright and new. Think he will make a big difference in the World it is true. So wish him all the best and also say if I ever meet you it will make my day. Not as a Prince but as person in limelight who can help by just being refreshing,open and caring I say

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    • I agree with you about Harry he is a fine young man, the least said about the first lady is better.,

  3. The first lady or any other lady does not just drop in to see any of the Royals, one has to be invited first, her only having time to “drop” in on any more than one is a smoke screen, she probably has not been invited.
    The tea she had with Prince Harry on her last visit was probably a respectful thing due to her husband and poor Harry got the short straw.

  4. I would like to meet the Queen and have 20 mins conversation with her over a cuppa tea (afternoon tea) and to meet Harry for the other 10 mins..huge amount of intelligent questions to ask them. Yep that would be real cool!! pretty awesome in fact.

  5. My dream would be to meet her majesty Queen Elizabeth , but I think I would be so much in awe of her , a conversation could be too awkward ! So I would next like to chat with her royal highness princess Anne !! Such a tireless worker for so many charities , and such an amazing life —- always the quiet achiever !!

  6. Oh! And who was the other woman out the front speaking about the importance of educating girls and women with Michelle Obama? That’s right … Julia Gillard!

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