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After being spectacularly fired from his huge co-hosting gig on Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson hasn’t exactly been quiet. He’s being touring around the world with his former co-hosts, and has been signed up to a $21 million deal with Amazon.

Now, in a new ad for the online company, Jeremy Clarkson has made a dig at BBC, possibly forgetting who began the drama in the first place.


His new show is online only, meaning you’ll need to use the Amazon Fire TV stick, which the new ad promotes.

If you tried to block it out of your memory, or didn’t know – Clarkson left BBC after he allegedly punched a producer. His co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond joined him in a show of solidarity and took their business elsewhere.


In the ad, Clarkson says Amazon’s TV stick has “everything you could possibly want”, but not the BBC.

Take a look at it below and tell us, should Jeremy be given any more air time?


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  1. The man is shameless and apparently very thick skinned. At least he knows a lot more what people really think of him, he could hardly miss it.

  2. Horrid man but how foolish are the public? What other employee gets to be a loud mouthed bigot, get drunk on the job, hold up production, have a screaming fit because the closed kitchen would not open to cook the petulant child a steak, punch a staff member then get rewarded by a network paying millions to rehire him and his co workers? And why did the network do this? Because they banked on the public being so lacking in moral fibre that they would continue to support this person regardless of all his transgressions because ‘boys will be boys”. I liked Top Gear but will not be tuning in to watch this goose ever again.

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  3. NO I WOULD NOT watch him….. he is such a self centered creep… And is so rude to anyone but himself…

  4. Networks employ people who are likely to be controversial. He fit that bill perfectly. The trouble is sometimes their picks are too controversial. He was outlandishly politically incorrect, extremely insightful on somethings and often great fun to watch, but certainly there were cringeworthy moments. I gave up watching Top Gear when it went from SBS and became so packed with ads the hour long show took 90 minutes to screen. I don’t mind the old Jeremy Clarkson but I wouldn’t take him seriously. Much rather him than that woeful attempt at clever controversy The Verdict.

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