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Recently, Protect-A-Bed installed a huge inflatable mattress in Federation Square and asked passers-by to share their bedroom confessions…. The answers were quite hilarious!


Have a read of them and tell us, what is your secret bedroom confession?


“My confession? I dribble A LOT. I have to use two pillow protectors to keep my pillow clean. Yuck!” – Maree, 60


“I keep chocolate in my bedside draw for my midnight snack cravings.” – Veronica, 61


“I slept with my baby blanket until I got married at 18 and was too embarrassed to take it with me to my husbands home!” – Liliana, 58


“I sweat a lot, sometimes so much I think I may have wet the bed.” – Geoff, 68


“My hubby snores so badly that I often sneak out to sleep on the lounge and go back in before he wakes up. #soIdonthurthisfeelings” – Jacinta, 66


“My wife sleepwalks, I like to be amused so I always egg her on. Sometimes I fold the towels with her or have funny chats. She doesn’t know the half of it! Haha” – Johnathon, 59


“Sometimes my deep sleep flatulence is so powerful is wakes me up!” – Graham, 61

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  1. My wife used to talk in her sleep .I used to have some funny conversations with her . One day she started calling me by another name .Turned out to be the name of the guy she was having an affair with .

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  2. I love my bed and bedroom I have my bedside drawer stashed with lollies and feel like an 11 yr old tucked up reading a book or playing games on my tablet… realityni am 58 yrs old lol

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    • I’m with you, Janel! In winter I’m tucked up under the doona by 8.30pm, with laptop/book/TV remote. Ensuite 2 steps away … all I need!

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