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Just as we here in Australia are tackling one of society’s darkest and most prevalent social issues, our Princess Mary is joining the fight by taking the message to school children.

She is back at work after the summer break, refreshed, motivated and as gorgeous as ever as she visited a school in Copenhagen this week.

Mary received a warm welcome at the school. She was there as part of her Loving Measure program, a domestic violence initiative that gives young people the tools to prevent violent relationships. The initiative was launched by her charity The Mary Foundation back in 2010.


The mission of the program is to address violence in relationships at all levels:


“Violence is never acceptable – and can never be justified. And yet thousands of families live with the big, dark secret that domestic violence is. It can be difficult for people on the outside to understand why women stay in a violent relationship, but these women are often tied to their partners for many different reasons – such as the children, financial security, fear, or love. At The Mary Foundation, we focus on the violence and aim to give the many vulnerable women and children a voice and support them in taking their first difficult steps toward a life without violence.”


The Loving Measure initiative was launched after research found that in every primary school class in Denmark two students will end up in a violent relationship before the age of 24.

The Mary Foundation would like to change these findings and they have now developed teaching materials that will focus on the different types of dating violence that exist.

The foundation believes students should be equipped to build healthy relationships and prevent violence. It aims to help develop students’ abilities to handle difficult emotions and teach them how to create secure relationships.

What do you think of Princess Mary’s efforts to combat domestic violence?

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  2. Princess Mary’s idea of getting in to schools to educate children to Non Violence is a great idea. Start self Development in schools for a better world. To some extent we have to comprimise to live in this world and violence is not the way to have healthy relationships.

  3. Great for kids! Now she needs to use her influence to do something about the slaughter of Whales in the Faroe Islands!

  4. She is not Your Princess Mary, she is The Crown Princess of Denmark.

    1 REPLY
    • She is “our” Princess Mary. This is her homeland and we will always think of her as Australian-born, so we do have some claim on her!

  5. I like that she is using her position to make things better for others in society.

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