Princess Mary draws on 60s inspiration for her latest outfit, do you love it? 87



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Princess Mary of Denmark, or “Our Princess” as she is often referred to, has a wardrobe (or a stylist!) that we’re all envious of. Recently, she’s stepped out with a nod to the 60s wearing wide leg, high waisted pants and a tucked in blouse. It’s a look that on some people could simply look like a time warp, but Mary made it look fabulous!

We really think she looks radiant, beautiful, stylish and comfortable – everything a Princess should be!

Take a look at the snaps below and tell us, are you a fan?






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  1. For those with their eyes shut, the 60s look is all over the place. And it looks good on so many, just not so good on those of us who have changed shape somewhat!

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    • I know for a fact, the young are horrified when a rotund greying pensioner says “Hey. I had a dress just like that”

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