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Prince Harry has made no secret that, for now, the Army is the love of his life. Now the royal’s Christmas card has brought greater attention to veterans and the accomplishments of older people.

Posing with 95-year-old British veteran Tom Neil, the Christmas card reads: “Prince Harry considered it a great honour to meet Tom during the Battle of Britain flypast in September. It was one of his most memorable moments of 2015”.

“Merry Christmas from Prince Harry”, the card which was posted on Instagram, also says.

Isn’t it lovely that Prince Harry used his Christmas card to highlight the achievement of veterans?

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  1. If you look at his mothers anceters you will see that Harry is a dead ringer for them.So think before you cast any shadows on our boy.What a great Christmas card………….

  2. Aaaahhh just love Harry – His mother did a good job with him and he carries it on. So pleased those two men have eachother.

    2 REPLY
    • And his father ( who stepped up after the sad death of diana) and most of all the lady that was the consistent in there life ( think her name was twiggy)

  3. David James you are a disgrace, why do you have to write such a horrible comment which has nothing to do with this post, you creep.

  4. Lovely thing to do,putting the highlight on one of the brave men,who fought for the precious freedom we have today. There can be no greater gift than our Freedom
    and young Harry has certainly done his bit to keep this alive for us.He is an amazing young man!

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