Prince George is a fashion icon just like his dad 80



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Yesterday was Princess Charlotte’s day but today everyone is talking about Prince George who has, yet again, kicked off a copycat fashion flurry.

And little wonder. The nearly two-year old was just adorable as he toddled alongside the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and his baby sister.

George was wearing an almost identical outfit to the one worn by his Dad when Prince William first met his newborn brother more than three decades ago.

Yesterday’s bright red shorts and smocked top were by Rachel Riley – one of the Kate’s favourite childrenswear designers, and since little George’s appearance at Charlotte’s christening, the designer has sold out of the £85 outfit, according to the Daily Mail.

This is not the first time Kate has pulled out some flashback fashion for her little man.

Appearing for the first time on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, the little Prince was wearing exactly the same baby-blue romper suit his Prince William, wore during his first appearance 31 years ago.

Since then, George has carried a vintage-modern style that mothers are clamouring to replicate all over the UK.

And George has fans of all ages, here is one little girl who just couldn’t wait to catch a glimpse.

We just can’t get enough of those chubby cheeks and dimpled knees. Are you loving having Royal babies around? 

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  1. I am not into the Royal family but I could pinch that little boys cheeks ..I think he is beautiful, these 2 young children may be the greatest asset the Royals have

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  2. Fashion. Get away. Don’t tell me they are bringing those shirts back in. Might look pretty on a little girl but on a boy. Would have looked better in a Spider-Man suit.

  3. What are they trying to do? Dress him for today let him be individual not from the past

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    • We are talking about the Royal family here and they are very traditional, as are the British people. I think Prince George was dressed beautifully.

  4. It is lovely to see the clothes my son wore as a baby, fashion always repeats itself. And Prince George looks adorable, I love his clothes.

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    • That was the fashion in the in the 50s and 60s, and as I said fashion repeats itself, look at the clothes now, the fifty dresses I wore are back in fashion, also he is only a baby, dress them like one, they are only baby’s for a short while.

    • his mum chose his clothes for him and I think it is sad to be pulling apart a 2 year olds clothing..yes fashion does repeat and he looks cute

    • Rubbish the kid who lived across the road never wore clothes like that. He wore boy’s clothes not girl blouses

    • Dawn Hesling, I agree. I also love the clothes that the children of Prince Frederick and Princess Mary wear, too. Age appropriate, nice quality, and NEVER looking ‘cheap’ – nothing to do with ‘expensive’ – just GOOD TASTE.

    • Give me a break. Don’t look cheap. If I had a bottomless pocket my grandchildren wouldn’t be getting their clothes from KMart. I would be buying everything from Pumpkin Patch. Haha

    • A lot of parents made their children’s clothes from second hand clothes shops or had hand downs from other children or cousins.
      Did not have the shops and the clothing available.
      And yes made some smocked tops for girls and boys,wAs taught at school.

    • My mother bought all our good clothes from a shop in SYDNEY, which she said was the only one available for good clothes at that time.

    • Wendy, do you think 2 y/o boy care from where clothes come? Todays children looks like little models not real children, not surprise when they are teenagers their dress “style” is very often “weird”.

    • Wendy Biden, some parents these days choose clothes that DO look cheap, meaning a bit disgusting. Some little girls are allowed out in very tight, revealing leggings and SHORT, LOW tops, which is so sad. Fashion does not HAVE to be ‘cheap’ – and I don’t mean in the MONEY sense, but in basic modesty.

  5. He is just so cute and adorable handsome and has the best parents and sister God bless them all with health and happiness x

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