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Toy manufacturer Mattel has announced that Barbie is receiving a major makeover. The typically blonde doll will now be available with a choice of four body types, seven skin tones, eighteen eye colours and eighteen hairstyles.

Barbie’s new look aims to be more reflective of the world in 2016, but there are some critics who say Mattel is being too politically correct. Others have pointed out that Ken doll, along with GI Joe, probably need a makeover too.

One person Tweeted, “Barbie getting a makeover to improve body image in girls. But GI Joe will continue to make gay boys feel inadequate”. Whilst another added, “Growing up, it was hard to find dolls that looked like me. With the new Barbie, little girls won’t have that problem”.

What do you think of Barbie’s new look? Is this overkill, or just long overdue? Do you think it’s positive that Barbie has a more diverse look? Or was Barbie’s original form the classic, unchanging style?

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  1. I think it great but I wonder what doll the little girls will gravitate towards. The glamourous doll from our past or the one most like her family.

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    • When I worked in a kindergarten we got some different dolls to see how the children would react . They loved having dolls in home corner who looked like them. We always put a mixture of dolls out after that

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