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Looking at some of our more famous stars in the media, you’d think some were ageless.  And we’ve got a selection today.  Who do you think is ageless in Hollywood or other media today… Let’s talk!


Madonna, 57 years old this year

Kylie Minogue, on the Jonathan Ross show recently is looking well younger than her 47 years

kylie instagram

Annie Lennox, 60 this year, and a stunner! annie lennox


George Clooney, Does he ever age?

Julieann Moore on the cover of the latest Harpers Bazaar

Elle Macpherson, now 51 years old

Oprah, who is 61 this year never seems to look a minute older

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  1. Some people show the signs of ageing at a slower rate than others. For some vanity is a powerful thing.Some opt for diet, cosmetics or surgery to stave off the signs. Some rely on a clever photographer and the magic of photo shopping. Some accept the inevitable and watch with wonder whilst body parts change size and shape. They are in awe as hair goes grey and they feel the drag as boobs, belly and bum head south. Changing skin tone is scrutinised closely and the ever present blotches and blemishes are a constant source of amusement for the grandchildren. Eyes lose their youthful glow and sparkle to be replaced by the gentle glow of wisdom and understanding. In our heart we are as before. These are the gifts of ageing.

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