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Olivia Newton-John must be smiling from ear to ear today, with news of not one, but two acknowledgement of her talent and passion.

Vintage Vinyl News reports that the song Magic has landed in the top 10 of the Billboard dance chart. It’s been a while since Olivia has had a song in the charts, but the victory is doubly sweet as it is shared with her lookalike daughter Chloe Lattanzi.

The hit track is a reworking of Olivia’s 80s classic and she shares the vocals with her fascinatingly beautiful daughter born of her first marriage to actor Matt Lattanzi.

Olivia toldET Online, “It was Chloe’s idea to redo Magic. I think she has amazing talent – a beautiful voice, a great songwriter – I’ve been chomping at the bit so everyone could see her. It’s a great opportunity for me to say ‘Yay! Chloe, go!’ And to do one of my songs is a real special treat.”

Olivia also appears in the film clip, looking gorgeous as always. The 67-year-old will include the original version of the song in her live performances.

“I’m really loving doing my show in Vegas and we’ve extended that into the new year,” she told VNN. “I also have a new album coming out next year with my friends, Amy Sky and Beth Nielsen Chapman, designed to uplift hearts burdened by grief. It’s very special. I continue to raise funds for the Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre in Australia.”

Olivia is also thrilled to announce that her Byron Bay health retreat Gaia Retreat & Spa has won best day spa in the World Spa Awards.

See Olivia and Chloe perform together in the clip for Magic below and tell us what you think.

Are you a fan of Olivia Newton-John? Which is your favourite song? 

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  1. Hate to be negative but, plastic surgery can improve anyone. Good genes help as well.

    1 REPLY
    • Improve, goodness, didn’t recognise her and has been made to look the same as all the dolly birds, can’t see where good genes come into it! Give me Helen Mirrem (excuse spelling if wrong) any day.

  2. I actually think that Chloe looks more plastic than Olivia. Olivia obviously has a very good surgeon whereas Chloe not so much.

  3. They both look so artificial. I can’t understand why a site that is encouraging us to embrace our age is praising and promoting over 60s going under the knife to try to regain their youthful looks

    1 REPLY
  4. Olivia has done well to survive all that treatment and still look so good. Cancer treatment can be very debilitating. Give her a break.

    2 REPLY
  5. The daughter looks like her father..but very tarty. As for Olivia. Once she got her new boobs there was no stopping her….plastic girl. Always put herself across as a goody two-shoes..follow her life…i don’t think so.

    2 REPLY
    • Gee Vee. The woman had breast CANCER. When the boobs get removed, the doctors help with replacements, and yes – they are fake of course. However, I think Chloe is beautiful enough without the botox in her lips.

    • I do know about her breast cancer as I and my daughter have had it…do we walk on eggshells because of it?

  6. Feel a bit sad to say this BUT underneath some ‘work’ I love Olivia – her singing and the way she carries herself always – the BUT is that Chloe irritates me. Don’t mean to be rude but however many crisis etc that girl has had in her life, she gives me the feeling (this is an Aussie thing to say) that ‘she needs a good talking to!’

  7. Totally agree Diana Forster. Really sad that Olivia looks so plastic these days – she was such a striking looking woman with good bones, personal trainers and access to best cosmetics in the world – she would aged aged beautifully……Must say seems strange that a girl whose mother had breast cancer would have breast implants (not to mention such artificial looking ones).

  8. Amazing Career Olivia.. u made it without your Folks..let Chloe learn how it’s done in style not in sleeze

  9. wonder if she remembers turning her back on autistic kids. when asked if she would be a spokesperson etc oh she would love to for 25,000

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