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Do you believe in magic?  Olivia Newton John is back on the Billboard charts for the first time in 23 years. Her song, “You have to believe” sits at number 39 on the “Dance Club Songs”, and unlikely place for our elegant role model of music.  It features her daughter Chloe Lattanzi, and together they reinterpret Newton-Johns hit “Magic”, a song that you might remember sat at number one for four weeks in 1980.

She has had 5 songs in her career make it onto the Dance Club Songs list, the most namely of these include “I Need Love” in 1992, “Physical” which led for 10 weeks on the main charts in 1981 and 82 made it to number 22 on the Dance list.

Take a look at the video.  Not quite our type of music, do you think it is good to see a 66 year old popstar reinventing their music into today’s demands?


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  1. I like the song. I wish these lovely women would realise they look so plastic with. The botox or plastic surgery though.

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    • Fran I actually thought the daughter looks a lot more plastic than Livvy. I would say Livvy has found a very good surgeon. Having said that I am all for aging naturally. Probably because I am scared of needles and hospitals. lol

    • I agree Fran, she’s always been a good looking woman, she didn’t need to resort to the needle. Whilst I like her as a person, I have never thought she had a good singing voice.

    • Yes ,not a great singer, had some incredibly lucky breaks with some great songs that really suited her limited vocal range.I’m sure she’s a nice lady, I’m not running her down.

  2. I agree with Trish I prefer the original. My doesn’t she look good. Good for her for supporting her daughter.

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  3. Not my ‘cup of tea’! Like Fran, I dislike the over sized breasts and pouting lips, not to mention the ‘bright blue’ contact lenses.

  4. Yes. Very nicely re-vamped. I like things with a techno beat – very good to walk to on a treadmill. Nice one Olivia and I enjoyed the video clip too. The only thing I found startling was those very strangely blue eyes.

  5. No, don’t like it, those songs written by Jeff Lynne from ELO, are great, I do like her daughter, reminds me of Nancy Sinatra with those white boots, but I didn’t like the black outfit, looks like a prostitute, what’s with the pouting lips?, I hope her daughter can find some success in life & she stays well & happy.

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