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It seems like moments ago we were celebrating the announcement that Crown Princess Mary, Australia’s very own princess, was having twins – and now, here they are, five years old!

Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine celebrated their birthday yesterday in Denmark, but the official photo released by the royal family of Denmark had a distinctly Australian feel!

The family visited Australia over Christmas, visiting Bonorong Park Wildlife Centre in Tasmania, where this photo was most likely taken.

Hello! magazine reports that this year, Mary broke with the tradition of hiring a photographer for the official birthday portraits and stepped behind the camera herself. Each of the twins has their own birthday portrait, which, judging by the warm clothing, was taken back home in Denmark.

The twins are the youngest of Mary and Frederick’s four children.

Join us in wishing Princess Josephine and Prince Vincent a happy fifth birthday! Don’t you love their sweet smiles? Are you pleased to see Mary chose to include an Aussie icon in their official picture?




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  1. They are lovely looking children, I just hope the media let them have some privacy, the same goes for their Mum and Dad.

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