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We’ve all been there: you open the box of your brand new phone, and don’t know where to begin. You get flustered trying to work out how to use it…but have you ever been like this Nonna when she received an iPhone?

Italian Nonna Paola was learning about how to use her new iPhone when her son decided to record the hilarious outbursts we was having.

The 78-year-old was trying to ask voice-recognition program Siri about the time in Italy but Siri has other plans. “Why no like my voice I talk gently!” she yells at the phone, which is having trouble understanding her broken English.

Siri tells Nonna that it values her, which leads her son to make her tell the device to ‘piss off’. She doesn’t like this and tells him that he makes her sick!

On goes the issues with Siri and it is hilarious. According to her son, Nonna is oblivious to her new-found fame, with over 500,000 views of her video.

Watch below and tell us, has this ever been you with a new device?

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  1. I had to take my phone to the dealer to get all that internet stuff and other fancy rubbish that I will never use turned off, I just want to ring, text and take calls. You need an encyclopaedia just to work the phones out today

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  2. My son also shared this today…. Tooo funny!! Totally get her frustration. It’s a bit like my 13 year old grandson trying to teach me how to use my phone or sat nav. I generally work it out by myself. The kids are right onto any technology….. They are amazing. Goooo Nonna, I think she’s great for learning!!!

  3. I asked Siri to find a shell service station when travelling, was told there are no restaurants in this area…. Either I slur my words or my very broad australian accent confuses the poor love ….. Had a good laugh though so started asking really weird things, the answers I received were very funny…. To me … lol

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    • My 6 yr old grandson talks to Siri all the time. One day he came and said nanny Siri wants to marry me she is a bit weird lol

  4. Sons u gotta love them…he was winding her up beautifully … Loved the ‘Shut up a your face ‘

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