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Self-confessed domestic goddess Nigella Lawson headlined a sold out event in Melbourne where she spoke with fans from around the country about everything from eating cream buns to finding a happy balance in her busy life. Nigella has legions of fans around the world thanks to her quick wit in the kitchen and her deliciously decadent recipes and was more than happy to share her advice for a happy life with her Australian fans.

Fans have been charmed by her ability to turn a simple dinner something special and many people appreciate her particularly ‘un-chef’ like behaviour as she ignores the fancy techniques other celebrity chefs use for homely dishes everyone can make themselves.

Nigella is famous for her mid-night snacking scene that runs at the end of most of her TV episodes when the charming cook head to the fridge for a late-night snack. While she’s always been an advocate for enjoying the odd sweet treat, she made it clear that she lives by the rule of “everything in moderation”. She told fans the most important thing is finding the right balance, being good to your body by eating healthy, nourishing food and making sure you indulge in the odd treat every now and again. She was also quick to point out how impressed she was with the quality and abundance of fresh food in Australia.

Excited fans snapped photos of the ‘Queen of the Kitchen’ at the event.

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