“My granddaughter calls me Madame President”: Hillary Clinton’s viral SNL skit 40



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She’s making herself appeal to the masses – this video of Hillary Clinton giving advice to herself in  a Saturday Night Live sketch has gone viral.

On Saturday night, it was Miley Cyrus’ turn to host the satirical sketch show, but it wasn’t her own sketches that stole the show – it was Hillary Clinton’s.

The presidential candidate became Val the bartender and gave advice to Hillary Clinton, played by comedian Kate McKinnon.

When Val asks Hillary what she does for a living, she says what many of us would: “Well first I’m a grandmother”.


Hillary reveals he’s stuck in Donald Trump’s shadow so Val impersonates the billionaire: “Donald Trump? Isn’t he the one that’s like ‘Uh, you’re all losers?'”

“I will destroy him and I will mount his hair in the oval office!”, roars Hillary.

She also quips “I have a one year old granddaughter… she calls me Madame President”. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Take a look and tell us, will this endear the American people to Mrs Clinton? Would you vote for her if you could?

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  1. I find nothing she says funny,,,,she is condescending,egotistical and completely fake

  2. Oh good on her, at least she has the courage to laugh at herself, they have such big ego’s in America.

  3. Be interesting to see what tv show Turnbull appears on before the election, I would suggest some disaster show would be applicable

  4. Hillary Clinton is 67 years old. She is a wife, mother, grandmother, lawyer and politician. She is a woman after my own heart as she too loves doing “firsts”. She was the first legal partner in her law firm, the first student commencement speaker at Wesley College where she studied and she was of course first lady. She survived the pressures of being the wife of the leader of the free world who cheated on his wife. She deserves an honorary place at SAS in my opinion. Yes, she has had privileges and opportunities that most of us could never imagine, but she has made the best if these. I hope she becomes the next president. Heaven help the world if USA vote in Donald Trump.

  5. I do not think you will get the job Hillary, actually i know you won’t.

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    • I don’t pay much attention to self proclaimed racists mate and she has more chance winning than you ever will

    • And may i also add David James, how do you manage to call me a self proclaimed racist. My words in my post were, ” you can call me a racist “, as i am sure the folk who go off half cocked would do. You being one of them. There are far to many posts for me to count in relation to my post and the original post by the Starts at 60’s people but if you care to look 99.5% of the posters agree with me. I guess you would see them as racist as well. I ask that you take a step back, open your eyes and see what is going on around you. It aint nice mate.

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