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Via Vanity Fair (YouTube)

There aren’t many sounds that compare to the soothing, baritone voice of Morgan Freeman. Whether he is narrating your navigation system or playing God in a movie, we could listen to his voice all day long!

The 78-year-old has an acting career that spans a lifetime with roles in movies like ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, ‘Bruce Almighty’, ‘Million Dollar Baby’, ‘Street Smart’, ‘Invictus’, ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and many more!

He has recently released a new video on YouTube which has everyone talking… and laughing!

Just imagine his deep and powerful voice reading the lyrics of a pop song. Not just any pop song, the latest hit of non other than Justin Bieber.

Incase you can’t quite picture a ‘Freeman-Bieber’ collaboration he video taped himself reading the lyrics of “Love Yourself” for Vanity Fair.

“I’m going to give a dramatic reading from a very popular songwriter,” he says at the beginning of the clip, adding in a cheeky eye roll.

Freeman lent his Godly voice to the song with perfectly timed pauses, deadpanned stares towards the camera, countless eye rolls and raised eyebrows.

Bieber is no Shakespeare, and the lyrics to this song are far from deep and meaningful, but the subtle contempt that Freeman has for the reading is so obvious that it is part of what makes the clip great!

Surprisingly this tongue-in-cheek rendition even has the tick of approval from Bieber, as he retweeted the video from Vanity Fair.

Watch his reading below:

Do you love Morgan Freeman? What would you want to hear him narrate?

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  1. Damn! Can’t get sound. Such a great actor and that voice ranks with Sean Connery and Richard Burton

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