Mirren says no more nudity: “My pleasure pillows are purely for my husband.” 26



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Yes folks, our dearly loved Ms Mirren said it. She called her boobs her “pleasure pillows” for her husband. She’s bantered in a regally entertaining style overnight in an interview with CBS’s Alan Cumming saying that she is flattered about the Saturday Night live sketch of everyone wanting to fell her breasts.

And at the end of the video she declares that time has passed in her life for on screen nudity. The only nudity any of us might be able to remember dates right back to 1979 in Caligula, and more recently in Calendar Girls in 2003.

She told Cumming [see video of interview here] she “never wanted to do that” she said of showing her boobs on camera.

“Does it really matter?” she remembers thinking when she was first asked about appearing topless. “I was doing nude scenes [from] the first moment I started doing movies. . . . It was the era. . . . It seemed to be nothing to get your knickers in a twist over.”

When she did Caligula, it was XXX shock horror to appear nude. Now, Game of thrones shows the same sort of nudity at prime time. She laughs about how she got “everything out” in Caligula.

Mirren did, in 2011 do a shoot for New York magazine, but was firm with her views that those days are behind her. “That’s the good thing about getting older. You don’t have to do that sort of thing any more. . . [Now] my pleasure pillows are purely for my husband.”

image: Calendar Girls 2003

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  1. Loved Calendar girls. Love Helen Mirren.

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    • Calendar girls. The woman I went with to see that has cancer of the spine. I watched Four Corners last night with one thought. If her “lower back pain” had been taken seriously and MRI’s or scans done, it would have been picked up and treated for the serious problem it was. But no. Exercise will fix that. Pfft. So now its past treating. Sounds like lots more like her will be left untreated till its too late.

    • And lots of times Leone, doctors just dont listen to us. I told the orthopaedic surgeon I was seeing, that I had a very painful knee after I had fallen on it, and it had gradually gone numb. He sent me for umpteen tests. MRIs, Xrays, Bone scans, blood tests, etc, etc. He seemed to think I must have either a brain tumour or a tumour pressing on my spine. Well I spent $1000s and I still have a numb knee and also my quadriceps muscle is paralysed six years later. If only he had listened to start with!!, maybe I could have had corrective surgery. My physio said I needed to see an orthopaedic surgeon, but the GP just ignored her. I go to a different GP surgery and I see a different orthopod now.

  2. No mention of “Age of Consent” Starring James Mason and filmed in Australia.

  3. Strange. No one has answered the question. B|

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    • No Bruce they havnt. My Mum used to call hers Ella and Stella and rest them on the table 🙂 My grandson from when he was about 4, called bras, Booby Hats. I heard a man refer to bras as slingshots in a shop recently.

    • Apart from the double negative, I got a laugh out of your comment.

      You realise a Stella is a large Sea Eagle from northern Japan and eastern Russia.

      You have to excuse us systems analysts we wander in analyst mode all of the time.

      Forty plus years ago I was working in a building three blocks from the main CBD area of Sydeny and at lunch I would walk through the different floors of the building to get the goss. Quiet often someone would ask “You’re not going up town are you?” and I would reply “yes” as I was not and they would say “while you are up there could you get us xyz?” to which I would reply “but I’m not going up town.” Confused? I am. 😉

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