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For more than 50 years, the Gold Coast’s Meter Maids have been acting as “goodwill ambassadors” for patrons of the beach-side resort. They were once considered glamorous and a feature of Surfers Paradise, then the tide turned against them and suddenly Meter Maids were considered sex symbols – and not in a good way.

 Mr McKinney, Mayor Ald. Small, with Surfers Paradise Meter Maids, Antonette Stengel and Angela Scott for the promotional launch of a Gold Coast produced surfing safety brochure, Gold Coast, Queensland, June 1972 . Photo: Bob Avery; City of Gold Coast Local Studies Library
Mr McKinney, Mayor Ald. Small, with Surfers Paradise Meter Maids, Antonette Stengel and Angela Scott for the promotional launch of a Gold Coast produced surfing safety brochure, Gold Coast, Queensland, June 1972 . Photo: Bob Avery; City of Gold Coast Local Studies Library

It was at this point that male Meter Maids started to pop up. Who could forget Warwick Capper in his glittery gold shorts?


But now the Meter Maids are back, and they have a new job. The girls in gold bikinis will be running a food-to-beach delivery service for people who would prefer to stay by the sea than battle the Gold Coast Highway in the quest for food.

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Australian startup and mobile ordering technology company AirService has partnered with the iconic Meter Maids, and users can download the Maid to Order app, order their food from a local eatery and have it delivered directly to your towel.

The service will start at the main Surfers Paradise beach with the aim of rolling out to other beaches within the area over time.


“The 90s were controversial years for the Surfers Paradise Meter Maids, so too will be 2016. Trying to keep up with changing times and social attitudes, the Meter Maids decided to branch out and do something different – deliver food to the beach.” said Roberta Aitchison, owner and manager of the Meter Maids.

meter maid1

“We are trying to keep up with the times and as our business is to support our community first and foremost, what better way to do this than help local restaurants keep their heads above water with the Maid to Order app and also take the Meter Maids in a new and exciting direction.”

Would you use this service? What are your memories of the Gold Coast Meter Maids? Do you think they are still relevant today?

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  1. Good on you SAS. Please, it is ‘metre’ not ‘meter’ in this country. Does anyone proof read before posting?

    8 REPLY
  2. When I look at these young ladies all I can think about is the sun cancers they will have when they are my age. I would think there would be workplace health and safety issues.

  3. sorry, I never felt anything but “you have to be joking” when these girls came around…hubbies sure liked them though…

    1 REPLY
    • ‘Come ON Ladies…Meter Maids have been around for a long Time…..great EYE CANDY YES…BUT THEY DO A GREAT JOB!”

  4. No I don’t think I’d bother. I feel a bit stupid having a young nubial scantily clad woman standing there with my food. Particularly having to wait while some fireman served her who has made Google redundant her food.

  5. Would my wife and I use this service? Yes. We live in the USA. We traveled to the Gold Coast in February, 2013, and in about another year, we are coming back. We are counting on this service to be up and running, and April (my wife) and I applaud Roberta and the meter maids for thinking of such a great idea. I say … why not give it a chance? Let the marketplace decide? We will be there, order food, and certainly not object to paying the meter maids for their efforts. For those who are against the idea, I say why not just ignore it? No one is going to force you to order food through the meter maids. Let those of us who love the meter maids have our day, too. In any event, Roberta and her team deserve credit for this, not scorn. The tourists will love the idea. If not, it will die of its own accord … you know, let the capitalist system function as it is designed to do.

  6. April and I saw the Gold Coast Meter Maids (Surfers Paradise Meter Maids) in action in February, 2013, when we came to Surfers Paradise for a vacation from our home in Bonners Ferry, Idaho, USA. What we saw was all quite positive for the girls. April spoke to some of them and came to respect them, and my wife April is a very prim and proper woman. Yes, they wear gold bikinis, but the Gold Coast is all about tourism and the beach and women in bikinis. I would be disappointed if they dressed too modestly. People freely wear short shorts and swimsuits around the Gold Coast. Wasn’t this “Battle of the Bikini” settled back when I was young in the 1960’s? In fact, it was. Let’s don’t re-fight those battles.

    The gold bikinis have what we Americans call “sex appeal,” but they are not out of line for a beach community. On the beach, my wife and I see men and women wearing skimpy swimsuits. We are not offended. If you are, then please try to understand that for many of us, the battle of the right to wear a bikini was settled about 50 years ago.

    And besides, no one forces the young women to be meter maids. There are other jobs. If a young woman wants to be part of the proud tradition and wear the gold bikini of a Gold Coast Meter Maid, leave her alone and let her do it. They aren’t really hurting anyone. As for the kids seeing women in a bikini, they see far more revealing flesh on the beach and certainly on television nightly. Who is fooling who?

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