Mel Gibson snaps again, attacks woman in Sydney 383



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Not all of us enjoy having our photo taken and sometimes we don’t people seeing us without our hair and makeup done, but usually we just accept that people photograph everything nowadays, so we shrug our shoulders and gamely shout “Cheese!”

It seems Mel Gibson is a little more touchy than the rest of us. The Oscar-winning Australian actor shoved The Daily Telegraph photographer Kristi Miller outside a Sydney cinema last night, launched into a tirade of abuse that only ended when his 24-year-old girlfriend intervened.

“I thought he was going to punch me in the face,” the news photographer and mother-of-three told

“He was spitting in my face as he was yelling at me, calling me a dog, saying I’m not even a human being and I will go to hell. He swore and called me a c … It was non-stop, he didn’t even breathe”.

Gibson accused Miller, 39, of “invading” his space and “disrespecting” him by taking the photograph.

“I took a photo of Mel and his girlfriend and when I turned around he shoved my back really hard,” Miller explained. “It shocked me because I wasn’t expecting it. I don’t know if it was his hands or elbow”.

It’s reported Miller was visibly shaken by the altercation outside Palace Verona Cinema on busy Oxford St, Paddington,  fearing she would be pushed on to the road. Gibson, 59, held his clenched fist and stood over her with onlookers later stepping in to see if she was OK.

The veteran actor’s girlfriend, champion US equestrian vaulter Rosalind Ross, was by his side and was overheard apologising.

If you’re lucky enough to be a a Hollywood actor, shouldn’t you just accept that the paparazzi are part of your life and stay polite? Or do you think Mel has the right not to be photographed without his permission?


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  1. Wonder just how pushy the photographer was ???? It’s an invasion of his privacy

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    • Did you read the article? He makes a living from being a celebrity so being photographed is part of that success. His behaviour towards the photographer was appalling . He assaulted & abused her.

    • I think there has to be rules when an where to take pictures .yes they are in the public eye .It doesnt mean that they gave up their privacy.some of these photographers think they can do what they want.if there were laws before Diana would still be here.

    • Cheryl, no matter if the photographer was trying to get a photo, all he had to do was stop & allow them a picture, BUT his behaviour was abusive and way out of line.
      I think SHE should be charging HIM with assault and suing him as well. What a waste of a human being…..what has happened to this man to be so lightening fast with his attack on people. He is unrecognisable from the young man he used to be.
      Obviously brain damage from excessive alcohol abuse BUT that is NEVER an excuse for his behaviour & I hope the police get involved and he is charged with assault verbal & physical.
      God what is the matter with his girlfriend, maybe she needs to actually look at him as it is only a matter of time before he turns on her.
      He URGENTLY needs to have mandatory Anger Management attendance at the very least.

  2. I have no respect at all for Mel Gibson, treating a woman as he did, above. Wasn’t he brought up Catholic? He has no respect for a female, using the word he called her. What’s wrong with him? The 24 year old woman he’s with now, needs to be careful. He’s already had a restraining order placed upon him by his former partner, years ago, for violence.

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    • Same

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      • I agree about the religious comment. Aren’t people that were brought up with religion supposed to follow the teachings of god? But wait, Mel Gibson is a religion unto himself! He had his own chapel in his house I think it’s all gone to his head and what a shame that is. From his humble beginnings, where he was applauded for his performance in “Tim” to an aggressive abusive old man. I don’t like him anymore at all! Who would want a picture of him now? He sure does need help!

  3. Fame and money have not been a friend to Mel Gibson, he is rude and arrogant man as well as being a racist. He can keep his bad behavior for the USA , we don’t want it here. And I hope Kristi Miller goes to the Police and gets him charged with assault.

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    • Agree Elizabeth, he has problems sure, but when people goad him all the time and stir him up for that kinda pic anyway, whose to blame… hmmmmm let the courts decide.. Also his relationship with his girlfriend doesnt need to be public property really, even though being a STAR has been his life, he also has the right to a night out, without a pesky photographer pushing her camera in his face.

    • what you feel is up to you but don’t tell me because I have already stated how I feel and I will never condone manhandling a woman under any circumstances

    • Elizabeth Waters I hope you don’t have sons , because that s how domestic violence escalates by people excusing it, he he can keep his dirty paws to himself

    • I do actually.both very nice young men.. he didn’t provoke it , he was going peaceful about his own business. All she was interested in was lining her pockets with the almighty dollar.

    • Elizabeth Waters start your own post , stop trolling mine, everytime you comment I am notified, I have already told you I DO NOT agree with you

  4. Good on you Mel. If you don’t stick up for your privacy you won’t get any.

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    • Where have you been all these months Ian Vaudrey ? not listening to the messages about violence against women that is for sure !! For you to condone a physical attack on a woman , you must be a grub yourself

    • Sooooo Ian Vaudry you condone HOW he handled this by verbally & physically abusing a woman? Seriously?
      So that is OK then?

  5. America doesn’t want Gibson anymore, he has crossed the line to many time with racist comments, I have seen that many tv shows , where the host proclaims loudly that Gibson is an Aussie so they can disassociate themselves from him and I think to myself , oh no he left us, you have him !!

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    • Gibson was actually born in the US……

  6. He is a drunk and a womaniser and a racist and to make it worse he is not even attractive anymore, send him back to the USA

  7. Nothing to do with privacy Ian Vaudrey it is to do with violent behavior especially towards women. He’s a bully and a pig racist. Used to be a fan can’t stand him now. The girlfriend is dumb too if she hangs around much longer……

  8. Oh well once a moron always a moron obviously his previous partner was telling the truth about him a dead set bully thinks his money allows him to treat people abusively go back where you came from what some people will do for attention don’t think too many Aussies are interested that your here grow up you stupid man

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    • If your a person in the public eye and you go to another country all he had to do was be polite that’s what happens to other celebrities when they come out here but this man thinks he someone special he’s turning into an arrogant dirt bag he lost me when he did what he did to his family supposed to be a top notch catholic hypocrite more like it I guess you condone he being a woman badger & a bully oh well his last partner learnt the hard way but she ended up with his child and an intervention order against him nice man ha

    • Religion again ? What does his religion have to do with anything ?
      And just because you are in the public eye , that does NOT give cheap money hungry journalists rights over your life . As a matter of fact if anything , they should be paying that person for that photo if permission is granted to take it , because she was making money off him .!
      I’m pretty certain . If any of you people who find him at fault , had your photo taken without your permission in the middle of an argument or private moment or just a romantic dinner out with your partner , you would be furious . And complaining bitterly .
      You don’t like him that’s fine , you don’t have too , but don’t make out what she did was ok ,if she was close enough in his face to get spit on from his anger , she needs a kick in the rear . She has boundary issues , and I would have walked right over her . Who does she think she is invading his privacy ?
      How very rude of her .

    • Has nothing to do with religion has everything to do with this mans manners and the way he treats people especially women he will tackle the wrong person one day and he will be cop a good wack in the nose anyway he’s really not worth arguing about the sooner he goes back to where he comes from the better no great loss and how dare and rude of him to even touch this woman hope she reports him to police

    • Jandc Thrower, I wonder how you would react if you went out for a evening and someone shoved a camera in your face and started to ask personal or even inane questions. Would you smile and answer? I doubt it very much. You have to earn respect, and the journalist had none for him, so why should he respect her when she was the one invading his privacy.

    • I most certainly wouldn’t assault the person all he had to do was ignore her and just keep walkingif he had done that then he could have her charged with harrasement you do not verballally or physically abuse a female or any one else

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