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An Aussie tourist got the surprise of her life when she glanced out the back of a taxi and saw Princess Mary doing something very un-princess-like.

The Australian-born Crown Princess was cycling among the Copenhagen traffic with her kids’ nanny sitting in the passenger box in the front!

For locals, the sight of the princess carting her kids around on her locally made bike is perfectly normal, but for Angela Carroll, who was actually on her way to the Royal Palace, hoping to catch a glimpse of Mary, it was completely unexpected.

Fortunately, Ms Carroll thoughts to pull out her phone and snap a couple of pictures, which have been seen around the world. 

Princess Mary was riding a Nihola Family Cargo Bike while her staff member, believed to be Mette Hansen, the children’s nanny was seated in the front of the three-wheeled vehicle.

Mary has previously been seen riding bicycles near Copenhagen Harbour with her children, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, and twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine. 


 The 43-year-old was dressed casually and barely anyone batted an eye in her direction, the Daily Telegraph reported.

What a great way to keep her wonderfully trim figure – and what a great boss she must be!

How would you react if you saw the Crown Princess of Denmark riding around the streets of Copenhagen with a staff member on board? Would you be surprised? 

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  1. Oh for god sake she is a person first and a mother & wife then a princess …… If you want the real princess’s read a fairy story ….

  2. She is just another young woman – even though quite pretty.
    She is NOT a goddess or anything else to revere or worship.
    The fact she is a princess – solely by marriage – is irrelevant to anything. No different to a bloke up the road being a bus driver – and nobody makes a kerfuffle about him.

    17 REPLY
    • If I was to meet her, I would probably find her a lovely person.
      I simply don’t see the sense in oooohing and aaaaahing over someone simply because of their birthright or, in this case, because of who they married.
      Lots of lovely female bus drivers around here, I’m sure. How about them?
      And baaaaaah-humbug and a good night to you lovely lot. 🙂

    • Dennis, I do wonder what has happened to that old adage “If you have nothing nice to say, then SAY NOTHING” I can see your point BUT there are many many people who like her and the other royal families. PLEASE don’t spoil other people’s pleasure by trying to tear everything down. Especially when she is trying to be normal as possible under her circumstances.
      Why not just be just like me for the Kardashians reports, I find them to be so shallow and narcissistic and self obsessed family and I just SCROLL PAST. Don’t bother to even look at the story.
      Just allow people to enjoy nice stories for a change as there is so much horror with people killing each other and spitefulness, so if the news was ONLY about horror instead of balancing out with some nice stories you would feel like cutting your own throat as there is no point as humanity just destroys itself.
      Don’t be the bearer of spite and undermining nice stories. Nice stories restore your faith in humanity then you get some TWAT trying to be facetious, bah humbug Dennis

    • I think Dennis has a large dose of the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” – desperate to cut down anyone who has done well in life. Mary is an exceptional young woman in anyone’s language.

    • Colleen – Numerous other people work hard in all manner of fields, yet they neither receive nor expect public adulation in return.
      Lynn – If someone does well in life, good on them, but otherwise I couldn’t care a toss. The taller their poppy the better.
      “Mike here” – I DO have a life, you don’t know me, please don’t make assumptions.

    • Gee Dennis, the hens are being a bit rough on you!
      chin up, I didn’t think you said anything too inflammatory but you are entitled to your opinion even if others disagree!!

  3. I wonder if she ever remembers when she was just a humble real estate runner for Ray White……..before she jagged and shagged the cash register……????????

    6 REPLY
    • Not jealous. Just a realist. She’s a gold digger and a good one too. The poor Prince was a very naive young boy when he was cornered by this tart.

    • Lol. Well……I wonder just what the old Queen would really have to say about the situation..?? She’s more smart…….she can see this tart for what she really is.

    • Not bitter Judy. I just distinguish between anyone who works and earns what they get and bludgers. Hey don’t worry, she’s not the only one……..!!!!!

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