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She’s always been a bit of a bad girl but a new pic Martha Stewart shared has taken it to the extreme!

No, Martha didn’t get prison tattoos, the 74-year-old had them many years before… well, in digital form anyway.

The homemaker shared a photo from Instagram showing what she would have looked like if she’d been covered in tattoos during her modelling days.

“An old photo of me enhanced with modern tattoos – kind of fabulous!”, said Martha, and we have to agree, even if it is just because she looked so great as a young woman.

She also has a tutorial for temporary tattoos on her website, if you want to copy her look.

Take a look and tell us, do you like the tatted-up look? Have you got a tattoo?

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  1. I think the picture of her with tattoo’s looks ugly, I don’t have any tattoo’s and don’t intend to get any but one is fine, more is not

  2. I also despise tattoos on women if any I can understand a small one but not full body tattoos it is just my opinion I think most will be sorry when they get older when their skin sags 🙁

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  3. Tattoos on women look gross. Hate them & don’t have any either. I’m seeing more women in tattoos these days. They will regret it later in life.

  4. Definitely not a lover of Tatts on anyone, however I have seen the odd one that looks ok even feminine.

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