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62 years ago today, Queen Elizabeth II was coronated and she became the Queen of England and monarch of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan and Ceylon.

She ascended the throne aged 25 on year after her father, King George VI died. During the ceremony, Elizabeth swore an oath to uphold the laws of her nations and to govern the Church of England. A commemorative medal was issued throughout the Commonwealth realms, given for contributions to the community.

So join us today in celebrating the occasion… Watch the video below as she was crowned and tell us, what have your favourite Queen Elizabeth II memories been over the years?



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  1. The queen has never done anything to hurt anyone has done her job with grace and dignity, she is the figure head of Britian has moved with the times lately, she was more old fashioned before. England needs the royal family to bring in tourist trade I like her and the immediate family I think the others are a bunch of free loaders.a

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    • royals don’t bring in tourists ..that is a myth created by the palace propaganda machine ( no one goes into their castles & palaces..even though they can only live in one place at a time )
      France commands the highest tourism income …they knew exactly what to do with their monarchy ….

    • Actually you can do tours through Buckingham Palace at certain times and I would think the other palaces as well.

    • You can tour Buckingham palace and watch the changing of the guard.Plus the money that is made from souvenirs of the royals.Your wrong Rosanna!

    • Bollocks to that. The entire family sponges off the UK taxpayers, despite the fact that they are Britain’s biggest landowners – Charles alone, as Duke of Cornwall, owns a massive chunk of central London – they have the world’s largest private collection of art and treasure, her grandson thinks it s “funny” to go to a fancy dress party as a Nazi (showing his true colours IMO) and they stand at the apex of a putrid clique of power, class privilege and wealth that shames their nation. Diana, the so-called “People’s Princess”, didn’t leave a penny of her vast fortune to charity. Also, they’re Germans, not Britons. They had to change the family name (Saxe-Coburg-Gotha) during WWI, for fear of public antipathy towards them. Not one of them has ever done a day’s real work in their lives, and now that facsist brat Harry has just had a nice holiday in Australia at OUR expense. I don’t hold with much of what the Soviets did, but they had the right idea with their royal family – execute the bludging lot of them.

    • who cares about heritage what is yours all countries have their bludgers and they can’t help their ancestry.You sound a very violent person get some medical help!Or maybe jealousy on your part, I don’t wish anyone harm no matter if they are better off than me.

  2. I watched the coronation in England as a 6 year old, loved all the pomp and ceremony and still do. The queen is an example to us all, she is such a dignified lady.

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  3. I recall going to a friends home to see the coronation on TV. Lots of people in a room viewing on a small screen.

  4. Was always fascinated by the Royal family. Have watched many documentaries of the family and love the really old ones from the war years and before.

  5. My twin sister and I were born on this day 62 years ago and were the only twins born in Victoria on Coronation Day we were given silver spoons of which I still have……..I Love the Royal Family….

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