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We know her from her many years presenting Channel 10 news but now Tracey Spicer is on our screens for another reason: to show herself having a mammogram.

This new video “Letstalkaboutbreasts” shows Spicer having a breast examination and breast scan to encourage women to have their breasts checked for cancer.

Sadly, eight members of Tracey’s family have died of cancer and she herself may have the gene mutation that increases her chances of having the disease.

“On the first day of filming I’d never met the crew and the first thing I had to do was take my top off and have a doctor poke my boobs,” she said.

“I did it because it was important, I’ve got to the age where I don’t give a damn what people think of me, whatever is the most effective way to get the message across I’ll do it.

Last year a close friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, calling Tracey to action – it had been over seven years since she’d had a mammogram.

“And I’m one of those women at higher risk, there is a strong risk of cancer on one side of my family,” she says.

“I am on a mission to empower as many women as I can to take action to get to know their breasts and cancer risk.

“Sharing my experience and talking to other women was a privilege but also an eye opener.

“The ‘it won’t happen to me’ mentality must stop because complacency is the worst enemy of a woman at high risk”.

Tracey is now planning to have a test for the BRACA 1 and 2 genes which are linked to 5-10 per cent of breast cancers.

News Corp reports almost half the women over the age of 50 who are eligible for a free breast screen don’t use it, despite it potentially saving their life – early detection increases the survival of 96 per cent of women diagnosed.

New technology, as you can see in the video, is much more advanced and takes a 3D image of the breast, in layers.

Tracey Spicer has a 3D mammogram which takes images of the breast in slices, unlike a traditional 2D mammogram.

Between mammograms, women are urged to examine their own breasts to check for lumps once a month.

Take a look at Tracey in the video below and tell us, will you be booking in soon?

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  1. Please ladies do. I have several friends and an ex wife who have lost a breast to that horrid cancer. It upsets me when it could be prevented in so many cases. Keep the pressure on MPs and government to screen all the lovely women in our lives. Thank you.

  2. I though the rate of prevention would be higher, I cannot understand why, still many women do not have their mammogram done

  3. I have been diagnosed with pre cancer. In 1997 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have had mammograms for over 30 years and it has saved my life.

  4. I get one every year and have the doc check in the 6 months in between. Just lost my sister to it, and my mum has it as well.

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  5. It’s not commonly known, but the pharmaceuticals & corporations have a large part to play in breast cancer. The companies sell us razors & devices to shed our underarm hair & the pharmas follow by selling us deodorants filled with synthetic chemicals so our valuable lymph nodes cannot breathe as they should. (In 2009 200 men died of this too), For years now I’ve used the block crystal deodorants, but now other natural health herbal deodorants are also on the market. Please do the change & help yourself.

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    • I would like to see the scientific evidence of this please.
      I am highly skeptical about this – do you have a link to show what research has been done to prove your claim?

  6. Every woman should be having a mammogram and just the same every man should be having a PSA test for his prostate!

  7. Booked one last week for tomorrow. Been three years /that slipped through somehow. Thank goodness they called to remind me. Now for s Pap Smear I know is four years overdue but no reminder.

  8. I have had Mammograms since I was Fifty it did not prevent Breast Cancer It did pick it up though I have the type of Breast Cancer that cannot be picked up on X-ray or Scan in the first stages until the nodules form I was lucky it was confined to my right Breast so had to have a Mastectomy If I didn’t have the mammograms who knows we’re it would have been in my body I don’t know if it will reappear somewhere else I am on Medication for 5 years all I can do is be positive they got it all

  9. Thank you Tracey. As we have late onset breast cancer in family I commenced breast screening in 2004 and have not missed a screening. My grandmother’s sister had breast cancer aged about 70 and this contributed to her death and my mum’s sister, my aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer at around 75 she underwent an extensive lumpectomy and had radiotherapy and is now in her 80’s! I also have 2 close friends one who had breast cancer, the first friend had her left breast fully removed, radiotherapy and then chemotherapy about 15yeasr ago and is doing well with annual checks with her specialist. My other friend had a lumpectomy then a second “lumpectomy where some lymph glands where removed” then a full breast removal. She has also had chemo, recently she had her other breast removed and is now undergoing the augmentation process. Each person and story is unique to them. Thanks again for this project.

  10. Had mine last Tuesday. Always have a mammogram and ultrasound. I have very dense breast tissue so I have to have them yearly.

  11. Yes, very good advice – but they are not infallible & mistakes are still made so if you have any concerns about your health even with a ‘satisfactory’ mammogram then pursue further tests.

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