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There are some things that bring a smile to your face, and this bittersweet video is one of them. “Will” the lion lived in a small cage as part of a travelling circus throughout Brazil. He was born into this captivity and throughout his life, he never once saw grass.

Brazillian animal sanctuary, Rancho dos Gnomos Santuàrio, saved Will in 2006 and filmed the first day when he returned to the sanctuary – seeing and touching grass for the first time in his life.

Will passed away in 2011 however Rancho dos Gnomos Santuàrio released the below video to their youtube channel just last week in a bid to bring the world’s attention to cruelty to animals.

Santuary founder Marcos Pomeo told The Dodo, “He had five years of tranquility before he died. Here he had the opportunity to interact with other lions. He loved to lie in grass and look at the sky.”

So watch the below video today and let it put a smile on your face – but remember that this video serves a very, important message.


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  1. We love them but our love is cruel…so sad he did,nt live long enough to enjoy what cost practically nothing Circus,s should be BANNED so should Zoo,s without grass.

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    • And Seaworld ….. have you seen how dolphins were captured during the 60’s and 70’s ….. disgusting and so very sad that people enjoy seeing animals ‘perform ‘ !!!

  2. Cruelest species on earth – man. What did we ever gain by locking that magnificent animal in a cage for years and years in a bloody barbaric circus??!! Nothing but sadness and torment for him. Made me want to cry. How wrong we get it….

  3. that lion is dead, it died a few years after it was freed but at least it had a chance to feel the grass under its feet

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  4. Thank goodness for some people who do such wonderful acts of kindness to all aminals God bless this beautful man

  5. Thank god he was rescued, they should cage some of these people who do that to animals, ? I couldn’t see if he had been de-clawed.

  6. Just beautiful to see him experiencing ‘life’ for the first time, albeit still a false one compared to where he should have been raised. One day hopefully there will be no circuses left containing animals. Such a terrible cruelty for this most majestic of beasts.

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