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Who knew the life of a politician could be so glamorous?

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has met human rights lawyer, and wife of George Clooney, Amal Clooney in New York and she certainly looks happy about it!

Ms Bishop posted a picture of herself with Ms Clooney on social media, saying “Working w #AmalClooney raising awareness #Yazidi plight.”

Both women are in New York to raise awareness for a campaign to help refugee women in the Middle East.

But while she appears to be having a great time, people jumped on her post to slam her for hanging out with celebrities while she is on a work trip and accuse her of not caring about the refugees trying to get to Australia.

“Never mind kissing up to celebrities, what about the refugees closer to home?” one person respond.

Others accused her of wasting taxpayers money – even though her job does entail overseas travel.

“Julie needs to retire and stop wasting Australian taxpayers money swanning around the globe. How she qualified for her position is a mystery,” said one commenter.

It wasn’t all negative feedback though, with many praising her elegant dress saying she’s giving Ms Clooney a run for her money!

Do you like Julie Bishop and Amal Clooney? Do you think she’s “sucking up” to celebs or just doing her job?

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  1. I think Julie Bishop is doing a wonderful job in a quiet,efficient way.Not her fault if other ccelebs are around the same traps.Amal is lucky to have met our girl! Be suupportive of them both,doing difficult work.

  2. Amal looks a bit bored with the whole thing. She”s probably thinking ‘Julie who?”

  3. Who pays for her wardrobe hopefully not we the taxpayers!,

  4. Julie Bishop is one of our greatest political assets – both at home and abroad. She is very hard working and knowledgable. I never cease to be amazed at the limited world view of some! Give credit when due please.

  5. People seem to forget that Amal is a human rights lawyer not a celebrity and a very clever woman in her own right. It was great to see two of the worlds outstanding women getting together. I am sure she can learn a lot from the wonderful Julie Bishop.

    Would people be criticising Julie Bishop if Amal wasn’t marriage to George Clooney.

  6. They are both intelligent women who are lawyers.They both are always impeccably dressed.I think Julie Bishop is a great role model.I am sure they have a lot in common.

  7. Was Julie’s dress made of asbestos?

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    • Spot on! Suggesting Julie Bishop is a strong advocate of human rights is absurd. For one thing, she acted for James Hardie in taking on the compensation claims of asbestos victims. Silent on refugees. Amal has runs on the board, Bishop not at all.

  8. This woman annoys the hell out of me……she seems to be a little smug and I think she could be ruthless.

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