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Jim Carrey is known for his wild antics on-screen, but not so much in everyday life – he keeps a pretty low profile. He’s an unassuming and charismatic man, but it seems that within that bold exterior lies a man who feels strongly about a sensitive and personal topic for many parents and grandparents across the world: vaccinations.

Jim has gone on a Twitter rampage, showing his 14 million followers just how passionate he is. Like many of us, Jim is a grandparent and he is no doubt feeling connected to the global issue. But did it really warrant what he said?


  He labelled the Californian government as fascist, and cleared up any confusion by saying,  


Jim’s comments come after California’s Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill to toughening vaccination requirements for children, following the Disneyland measles outbreak and public outcry across the US.

Now, all children will be required by law to be immunised before kindergarten, and are only exempt if a doctor advises against it.

Many have labelled Carrey as being out of line and ill-informed, as he adds to the growing number of people who believe children should not be vaccinated, with the belief it is harmful.

What is more harmful perhaps is that newborn babies, the elderly and those with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to any disease outbreak.


So tell us: Do you think Jim Carrey was out of line? Or are his comments justified?

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  1. I was vaccinated and I’m still alive. So vaccines work. So stop giving crackpots like Jim Carey any attention. Is he a medical official or a doctor?

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    • Children get a lot more vaccines now, Stan, and up to 6 at one time. No safety studies have ever been done on the synergistic effect of this many vaccines before 12 months of age.

    • Stan you were vaccinated, as was I many years ago, we did not know any better then,……while most of us have not had adverse affects, the truth is there are many neuro toxins still in Vaccines, hence many parents are not vaccinating these days…..!!

  2. all i will say IF the vaccines are dangerous we are never going to know because the drug companies rule most of the world and they will never admit to anything even slightly wrong with vaccines and the like!! Good luck Jim but I dont like your chances!

  3. who switched jim on with all this knowledge,what barrow is he pushing and for which lobby group,the man is a dangerous twit,another case of ego gone wild,jim you need to be smarter and listen to the proven science,not the lobby groups

  4. Who let him loose & by what authority does he speak – dr Google, I presume. Vaccinations work, just ask the parents of the child in Spain who died of diphtheria this week. These anti-vaxxers are nutters. I have worked in hospitals for over 30 years and seen young babies die of preventable diseases because of the stupidity of their parents. Please don’t give this fruitcake air play.

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    • Actually “anti vaxers” are extremely well informed….. Just because they question “the norm” does NOT make ppl stupid.

    • Anyone who lived through diptheria . polio & whooping cough epidemics will understand the importance of vaccinations. As a child I saw the horror of these illnesses & never want to see them again

    • What about the epidemics now of autism, Type1 diabetes, juvenile arthritis, childhood cancer affecting our kids? All these diseases have risen exponentially in the last 20-30 years along with the increasing number of vaccines.

    • And i nearly died from whooping cough after being vaccinated, so fuck you Deanna. and all like you!

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      • Maybe you would have died if the vaccine had not given you a cetain amount of immunity,Potty mouth!

    • I don’t believe there are vaccines for any of these yet. But I bet they are trying hard to find them. However some of these can be effected by life style changes. Those other diseases cannot.

    • Vaccines are for infectious diseases (viral, bacterial) They do not apply to autoimmune and chronic disease!

  5. I bet if one of his kids died from a disease because someone didn’t get their child vaccinated he would be the first to scream about it.

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