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Have you ever felt your stomach churn before you see someone you don’t really like? Or had that butterfly feeling? Some friends are better for your health than others, and now if you’re having a hard time getting a perspective on that one person who just doesn’t sit right with you, a cool piece of technology will do it for you.

Pplkpr (short for people keeper) reveals which friends you should keep, and which ones you should cut out of your life. But how does it know this about you? The free app uses a heart rate monitor to track your emotions when you are around your friends.

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Pplkpr works with any Bluetooth heart rate monitor and logs your heart rate and any noticeable shifts. When it sees this change, it asks you how you feel, where you are and who you’re with.

Through the app, you can determine which friends make you happiest, calmest or most stressed. Aside from sorting the bad eggs from the good, the developers of pplkpr told The Daily Mail that it has many other benefits such as who you should avoid at times of stress or high emotion.

“Pplkpr uses GPS and a heart rate wristband to keep track of when you’re coming and going, and when you’re feeling emotional…[It] implements a complex metric called “heart rate variability” that uses subtle changes in heart rhythm to determine your emotional state”.

The device can also block or unfriend people who make you anxious or bored, and message those who make you happy, once you’ve approved it. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor, you can add your feelings after meeting with a friend.

Watch the video below and check out how it works:

Tell us, would you use this app? 

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  1. I don’t need an App to tell me just who P****s me off

    2 REPLY
    • Usually people who get p*****d off are the ones other people don’t want to know! You sound like you think you are perfect!

    • Unfortunately some people really can get up my nose with their self aggrandizing statements
      Seems like your one of them to me >
      No I’m far from perfect
      But I’d Never make a statement like yours without first getting to know them
      So Just For U I’d buy and turn the app on to verify if I’m right or not about you.

  2. I find the whole concept of having to use a device to judge your friends disgusting. If you can’t decide who your friends ARE then give up now!

  3. If you need an app to know who to be friends with you probably shouldn’t be allowed out on you own. I certainly wouldn’t want to be YOUR friend!

  4. No I would not use this. If I can’t judge for myself then I might as well become a hermit. In saying that, I had one “friend” who was always telling me how unwell or how tired I looked. No one else thought that. I used to come away from her wondering whether I was sick or no. Don’t see her now

  5. I recently unfriended (Is that a word?) some one as I found she was bad for my health.I’m sure we can judge for ourselves good and bad friends.

  6. My goodness!! What will come next? I dare not try and contemplate!

  7. I don’t think so, I know what friends are good for me and those that aren’t without some ap

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