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Auctions see many belongings go for incredible amounts of money – some are on a whim, some are because of the real value and some are purely sentimental value. Because of this, there are some very unusual things that have gone to auction. We’ve seen the Gone With The Wind dresses go for sale, the Bat Mobile, famous artwork and then the bizarre like an “autographed air guitar” and a mould of Pavarotti’s left leg!

But this is perhaps one of the most bizarre products to ever go for auction… A lock of hair belonging to master composer Mozart going up for sale at auction this week in London.

Sothebys has valued Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s hair, dating back to 1791, at £10,000 ahead of Thursday’s sale.

Locks of hair were frequently taken as keepsakes from the bodies of recently deceased composers in the 18th and 19th centuries.

After Mozart died, aged 35, his widow kept his hair in a gilt locket. She gave the hair to the mother of German composer Karl Anschutz before it was passed on to the late British composer Arthur Sommervell. It’s now being sold by his family.

In 2002, a lock of Mozart’s hair was sold for £38,240 at auction – double the pre-sale estimate.

A small lock of Ludwig van Beethoven’s hair and a printed invitation to the German’s 1827 funeral are also being sold at this week’s auction. They have been estimated to reach £2,000.

This is just one of so many bizarre things to ever go for auction – but today we want to know, what is the most strange item you’ve ever heard about? What is one unusual item you’d happily part with auction dollars for? Let’s have some fun today! Share your ideas in the comments below… 

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  1. Locks of Hair at Auction not for me.Like to buy things that appeal to me, or for a gift also would motivate me. Something I can use,or visually appealing. Like things I can have around me.Like Useful but also quirky!. I bought years ago a wooden cigarette box,with a bird,you pressed a lever and it bent down to take one from a draw that opened and I was served. I also liked a black figure you put money in his hand,which he transferred into his mouth, innovative and grand.. Long gone but still remember them, with pleasure and delight

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