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Our beloved Helen Mirren is turning aheads yet again! This time she’s performing as Her Majesty in Peter Morgan’s The Audience on Broadway. Even though this isn’t her usual blockbuster spectacle Helen’s return to broadway as the Queen seems very fitting. Don’t you think?

The play is about Queen Elizabeth II and her prime ministers. Every week throughout her reign the Queen has had a meeting with her prime ministers – 12 in all. These meetings have remained confidential but Peter Morgan has imagined what was discussed and written a play to share with us all. The play is meant to give us a different view of the Prime Minister, of Britain and most of all, the Queen.

Critics say this is one of Helen’s best performances. She is absolutely magnificent! Apparently she hesitated taking on the role since she already played the monarch in the film, The Queen. Helen didn’t want to only be described as the woman who always played the Queen. It seems like she made the right choice accepting the role.

Tell us, what do you think of her performance. Which age of Elizabeth suits her the best?

Watch clips from her performance in The Audience below! 


What is your favourite Helen Mirren performance? Share with us below.

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  1. Saw this play in London. Absolutely awesome actress. The play was The Audience and she showed HM from the age of 24 until the present. I felt privileged to see it.

  2. I dont think Helen has to worry about that she has had so many other roles to her credit and l loved her in every one does anyone remember the Calendar Girls it was fab

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    • Yes, Margaret Nice, I do. She is amazing in everything she does! Saw her in the film ‘Woman in Gold’ last week. Bring on another Oscar!

    • I am hoping to go next wek with my friend next week hoping l wont b held up to long at the hospital appointment we can b there for hous keepng fingers crossed

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