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Millions of Australians travel every year and arrive home unharmed, happy and can look back at their trip with pride, but the same may not be true for the stars of the new TV show ‘What Really Happens In Thailand’, which has just aired its second episode on Channel Seven.

It’s a grubby look into bad behaviour of young Australians in Thailand, though many of us can attest that these run-amok attitudes can be seen the world over. Is this the future of travellers?

Regardless of whether you watched the show or not (and who would), it just shows the level of disgrace our young people are now world-renowned for. So whose fault is it? Is it the show for perpetuating and glorifying these people, or is it the parents and grandparents of these 20-somethings that need to teach them some manners?

The show exhibits stupidity fuelled by high levels of alcohol – they view these foreign destinations as an endless party, leaving destruction and our country’s reputation in tatters.

Even going to Bali as an older traveller, I saw high school-aged girls and boys on the streets of Kuta, and as a result a taxi driver gave me a long rant about why he hated Australians. While that wasn’t Thailand, the similarities are obvious… they’re both cheap, they have plentiful alcohol and lack of adult supervision, and they are tourist friendly. However that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect.

To be fair, the 10-part series does show some redeeming characters such as the sisters who want to train elephants, or the girl who is donating to a Thai school. But that still doesn’t disguise what this show represents and glorifies.

So over to you: should these types of documentaries be boycotted by viewers? Or is there something deeper i.e. should parents be educating their children and disciplining them so shows like this wouldn’t have footage. Have you seen out reputation change overseas because of a few ruining it for the majority?


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  1. This sort of behaviour unfortunately does not surprise me. Reckless and completely oblivious to consequences and lacking in respect to other people. We see it all the time in Australia. Why should they behave any different in another country. A lot of these young people really think that they can behave however they want. Maybe a result of parenting that has no consequences and a legal system that slaps them on the wrist and they come out of court laughing. End of rant.

  2. Silly Aussies carry on badly in many overseas countries. When I saw the ads for the show about Thailand I was sure my book would be getting read at that time – and it was!

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    • I just saw the title of the show and thought no way! If that’s entertainment they are struggling for ideas.

  3. Anyone with half a brain knows that the idiots who carry on like this are a minority.It was obvious in the first series that this was another muck raking attempt to seek out the very worst behaviour and antics from brain dead people with nothing better to do. Total bullshit and not worth watching. We should also be aware that it is quite possible that the episodes are scripted and stage managed to gain maximum impact on a gullible audience.

  4. Respect … none for the people, country or more importantly themselves … moral values out the window too, you can have a good time but don’t need to be loud, rude, paraletic, abusive … I’ll take manners any day

  5. I think to blame the parents of those that choose to behave badly over in these countries is a little harsh the young ones go there because it’s well advertised that you are foot loose and fancy free to behave as you like with little consequence these countries earn a lot of money from these young people so allow it to happen most young people these days think they were born with the right to do whatever they want with little or no consequence I as a parent would not like any of my children behaving as badly as some of these young ones

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