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Late last month Princess Mary and Prince Frederik of Denmark were in Germany on a tour. They spent an entire day meeting with people, seeing some of the true local treasures of Munich and – as usual – conducting official royal business that most of us really don’t understand or know about. However, what we do know after looking at the below photographs is that Princess Mary really is our beautiful, charming, new People’s Princess.

There’s no one quite like Diana, but the good will, good heart and incredible charisma that Princess Mary brings is so special. She wore a cream coloured dress that was simple and elegant and had her hair up in a lovely chignon. Prince Frederik was by her side and looked equally as charming but Mary was just radiant.

So take a look at the below photos and the way Mary, and the people around her, are full of smiles, happiness and joy and tell us, do you believe that Mary could be the new Peoples’ Princess?

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  1. Her eyes shine with a depth of love and compassion which transmits to all she meets. That is the true beauty of her soul.

  2. Could we put it this way, she is an intelligent, grounded Australian, confident in her place in the world and fulfilling an important role as a parent and a representative of the nation she now represents,supporting her husband in any way relevant?

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  3. Mary is all class. She might not have been born royal, but it is hard to imagine she was not destined to become so. She is regal to the bone, yet totally down to earth. No airs or graces, a true people’s princess. The Danes are lucky to have her.

  4. She is lovely, but she is no Diana

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    • Which is probably a good thing. She has a different place and role in a different time and is an altogether different person. She fills her own place in history, without, if you will excuse the expression, the histrionics of Diana’s life.

    • Mary is a TRUE lady and always acts like one, no hint of scandal. To be expected of one who is above the common people!

  5. Of course she is! She’s a natural, gorgeous Aussie girl after all 🙂
    Very different to Diana of course, but the people’s Princess of today.

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