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Why do blokes get so worked up when a fellow road user cuts them off or drives in a way they consider aggressive? Where does all that rage and anger come from?

This very clever skit by comedians Collective Noun may give us some clues. In Honest Road Rage two men come bumper-to-bumper in a typical altercation.

Instantly agro, the men start shouting and waving their fists. We’ve all seen the scene before, only the words a different – and they tell us what’s really going on.

“This age of entitlement has given me the false impression that my time is actually more valuable than your time,” shouts Angry Man A.

Angry Man B retorts, “I’ve made a mistake, but I’m not going to admit that because I don’t want to look vulnerable!”

The situation escalates when the blokes step out of the car, still shouting at each other.

“I’m not going to back down because I never had role models to demonstrate effective conflict resolution!” says Angry Bloke A.

“Well I’m not going to back down either because I have underlying insecurity issues because I’m trying to live up to what my dad considers to be a real man”.

This is one of the funniest skits we’ve seen in ages and – if you’ve ever driven on a road – we think you’ll find it pretty funny too.


Do you think this video tells us the true story of road rage? 

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  1. They do dont they? I just had a guy go on at me for being in a small parking area and he couldent fly past me! Like….where did he think I should go?. On second thought, I think I know. He had more space to move over than I did!

  2. Very good. I find now that young women drivers are very aggressive. In fact a lot of people seem angry a lot of the time.

  3. Years ago I worked for a road safety organisation. When talking to groups we often used a Goofy video of mild mannered Mr Walker greeting other walkers courteously, holding doors open and waiting patiently. He got into his car and transformed into Mr Driver, rude, impatient and aggressive.

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