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They’re watching us and hey, if you don’t have anything to hide, why should it matter? It does matter, but that’s another topic for another day. The Government passed a broad law the other day to allow ASIO (Australian Security Intelligence Organisation) to spy on Australians computer networks freely. To say this announcement has caused a stir is an understatement – Twitter has gone into overdrive with the #heyasio hashtag.

Instead of being openly aggressive about the controversial spy laws, Aussies have instead exercised their inner larrikin and have posted some pretty funny tongue-in-cheek tweets that address the fact ASIO are probably watching them.

Read the best ones below and tell us what you think of ASIO monitoring our internet usage:









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  1. Joking aside, do you realise, one by one, all the predictions made by George Orwell in ‘1984’ are coming true! He may have aimed it a little too early, but it’s rather frightening, how right he was!

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    • Yes Brian, the next step to a dictatorship has been taken, won’t be long before sites like this one will be shut down if the Government has it’s way. Who are we to criticise anyway, we are just the voters, and I haven’t heard anything from the oppositions about repealing the legislation, have you ???
      All tarred with the same lust for total power, it sickens me.

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      • Uh Oh I’m done for .I just downloaded The Harry Richardson Book “The story of Mohamed” Islam Unveiled. They probably think I’m a terrorist in training . they have never hear the phrase Know thy enemy .

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