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We live in a world where we are giving more information about ourselves, away than ever before. We don’t even know it, but we’re sharing information and insights into our behaviour, thoughts, personality and mood when we don’t even realise it. One of these ways is through Facebook.

A study from Brunel University saw reseaqrchers analyse 555 online surveys completed by Facebook users. The surveys focused on the Big Five personality traits: extroversion, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism and conscientiousness as well as self-esteem and narcissism.

The study found that users post status updates that correlate with their personality traits! So which one are you…?

Narcissism: Narcissists post about their achievements, diet and exercise, often seeking validation and attention from others. They high engagement from other social media users to validate their feelings. Updates about achievements receive the most ‘likes’, encouraging this personality type to write achievement themed posts, said the researchers.

Openness: Post mainly about political beliefs and intellectual topics. They seek less social interaction and more information sharing.

Conscientiousness: Post about their family regularly and are infrequent posters. They are more aware of how others receive their content and when they do post, it’s often more about their family members and not themselves.

Low self esteem: People with low self esteem will often post about their romantic partners. It is suggested their motivations are to demonstrate to others their relationship is strong, often substituting this for their insecurities.

So perhaps today is a time for reflection – what do you post online? Are you a whinger? Are you snapping photos of the grandkids constantly? Are you giving social and political commentary? Which ever it is, make sure you’re happy with it, because ultimately, that’s all that matters!

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  1. I think some have a tendency to over analyse things, both on this issue and other issues. Most people just use Facebook as it meant to be used, to have an opinion and contact family and friends and for enjoyment

  2. I live alone, am away from most of my friends and all my family and I have always said it like it is with me. I may put too much about my life on facebook, but I don’t care, so MAYBE I fit somehow into “openness”. But I think the survey is silly. I love facebook and it has saved my life when there was no-one else to talk to and I spend way more time on it now there is SAS. 🙂

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  3. I put very little about myself in here. I have no other social media. None of the alternatives offered in this article apply to me. I will admit though that often I start to post a comment on something then delete it because I think it would be too long and too personal so I just click like and leave the article.

  4. Please stop over riding with this survey, I did it months ago and it greatly detracts from wishing to read your stories

  5. Who cares about surveys. Half of them are not accurate anyway. Just get on with life and enjoy it while you can is my motto. Quite enjoy FaceBook. Some days I put comments on just to be controversial. Depends what mood I’m in. What does this say about me? Actually I’m quite nice, very loving and caring, but have a devil streak in me some days.

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  6. I just look at several groups I’m on relevant to my interests, and keep in touch with friends and rellies. I also put up photos of places I’m visiting. What does that make me?

  7. lol! ordinarily I woud say three out of four is a good score – but in this case it probably says a whole lot more about me than I realised – yep, I fit pretty much into three of the four categories! Love FB!

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