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Helen Mirren is someone that we just simply adore! She’s fit, healthy, passionate and so incredibly talented.  Last week, she turned heads when she stepped out at the 2015 Drama Desk Awards and received an award for her most recent portrayal of The Queen. She wore a fitted black, below the knee dress with sheer sleeves letting a little skin peek through.

It was one of the most gorgeous and elegant looks we’ve seen in a long time.

While speaking after the award show someone asked what she’ll do when her Broadway show ends, to which she replied, “I should like to take a break and spend some time here with my husband. I’d like to go to a bar or a restaurant. I can’t do that now. I am onstage for two hours every night. I can’t go out. And right now I’m on the Tony march. I said to [fellow nominees] Kelli [O’Hara] and Kristin [Chenoweth], “We all have to live like nuns. Ethel Merman once told Elaine Stritch that if you want to be a Broadway star, ‘You have to live like a f -  – king nun!’ You do. You have to live like “a f –  - king nun.” That is exactly what you have to do.”

This isn’t the first time she’s stepped out in lace this year however, with a blue dress catching eyes a few months ago and a striking red dress for the Met Gala.

We love the look and we love Helen! Tell us, do you agree?





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  1. Is it really necessary for her to stoop to such level to achieve what exactly? I have always admired her for having a excellent fashion sense but after this, I am not so sure.

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    • Stuart your an idiot she looks beautiful and amazing stupid old stick in the mud better than any of those trampy young stars that wear nothing at all get over yourself she dosent need your approval anyway thats what makes her her

    • Thank you kindly Suzanne for your clarification of what you might think I might be. However, I am entitled to my opinion just as anyone else. I never said that she does not beautiful, did I? I just asked if it was necessary for her to stoop to a level to achieve what exactly. Given that we have spent a lifetime sexualizing women beyond the necessities, that I fail to see why Helen Mirren would have to wear partly sheer lace dress. Beyond that though, I have always admired her acting abilities.

    • Suzanne Jacqueline Szwinto Thanks for your comment however we will not tolerate comments that personally attack others ie call them an idiot. Everyone is entitled to their opinion if it is not harming someone else.

    • She is better covered than most . Elegant and beautiful . Perhaps you could ask yourself what makes YOU think this is not appropriate .

    • Stuart sometimes the way females choose to dress is simply to please themselves. I honestly, when dressing, have never once thought if I am raising or lowering my standards.
      I do admit though that, looking back I have made some fashion faux pas, but who hasn’t?

    • Stuart McPhee maybe she just liked that dress and don’t care what anybody else think about it.I am same age as Helen is and would wear dress like that,not for anybody else but myself..I think that she is beautiful and looks gorgeous .

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