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At 71 years old, Helen Mirren is known for pushing the boundaries and turning up her nose at anyone who says getting older is boring.

The esteemed actress proved she’s up for just about anything recently when she revealed that she wants to get her second tattoo – and she wants it to be a showstopper.

Speaking to a British publication, Helen said she wants to get a full sleeve tattoo, meaning it would run from her wrist all the way up to her shoulder.

‘I’d like a whole sleeve. As you get older, I think it’s a better and better idea,’ Helen told Radio Times.

‘Some sort of curving pattern running up my arm. Maybe a snake. I quite like snakes.’

Helen already has a small Native American-inspired tattoo on her hand, but said she “wants to get another one, actually”.

It’s difficult to tell is she is actually serious or not, as she has proved to be full of surprises and a carefree attitude in the past.

Would a snake tattoo like this really look good all the way up Helen's arm?
Would a snake tattoo like this really look good all the way up Helen’s arm?

She also spoke about her image as a ‘sexy’ actress, saying she dislikes being branded that way.

“I’ve always been tired of being called ‘sexy’. It’s annoying and irritating – I just have to put up with it.”

Do you think she is serious about getting a huge tattoo? Do you, or your partner and kids, have any tattoos?

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  1. Helen is marvelous as an actress and a Women

  2. I love tattoo’s and got my first one at age 50. While I was waiting to have it done, an 87 year old woman walked out of the tattooist studio, having had a full sleeve (top of arm to wrist) completed. Whilst talking to the tattooist when it was my turn, he was saying that the woman had always dreamed of having a tattoo and decided to go ‘all out’. He said he was reluctant at first because her skin was so fine, but she told him she was a ‘tough old bird full of determination!’ Good on her, I say!

  3. I say definately no. Helen is one classy lady. I think if she is serious, then don’t go for the full sleeve one. I can’t imagine. her with a snake tattoo the length of her arm.

  4. If she wants it get it it is her arm ! Other people do not own her. She would still be herself.

  5. Question for the naysayers, will a tattoo interfere with her mouth? Will it interfere with her brain? No. It may interfere with the small minded who look down on others for their OWN choice. A lady is a lady irrespective of the external features, because being a lady comes from WITHIN.

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