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It’s no secret that Australian TV has well and truly gone down the toilet in recent years – Channel Ten, once a top rating station, has seen its numbers drop as has show after show; big primetime viewing has taken a hit in ratings, and complaints are at an all-time high.

This is why Tuesday night’s programming on Channel 7 is too funny not to talk about. Viewing has shown their distaste for everything else on TV and have given up, deciding to tune in and watch funny animal videos for the third week in a row.

Channel 7’s primetime 7.30pm slot was hilariously taken over three weeks ago by ‘Cats Make You Laugh Out Loud’, in what seemed like the TV exec’s throwing their hands up and saying “Do whatever you want” to the producers. But something crazy happened: it worked… Seven’s third pet themed video compilation show Pets Make You Laugh Out Loud pulled in 1.5 million viewers this week.

It outrated The Hotplate on Nine at 7.30pm which had 815,000 viewers, while Ten’s The Great Australian Spelling Bee claimed third place for the timeslot with its lowest audience yet of 589,000 viewers, according to OzTam overnight metro ratings.

Pets Make You Laugh Out Loud also won across the key advertising demographics (16-39, 18-49 and 25-54).

This hilarious “WTF” moment for Australian TV has come before Nine announced their ratings for the year, and revealing they have lost $597.6 million for the year ended June 30. The group said its full-year share of the ratings will be “marginally down” on the 2015 financial year given the intensely competitive market.

It really goes to show just how done we are with free-to-air TV. What happened to those good ol’ shows you could watch with the family? They seem few and far between these days.


We want to know tonight: have you been switching off the TV more and more lately? What vintage shows would you like to see come back? 

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  1. What vintage shows would you like to see come back? How about all of them, because they didn’t have huge budgets to make crappy shows back then. 🙁

  2. I tried to watch that show about Charles Manson on Ch7 last night but turned it off, there were more ads than show, couldn’t stay interested

  3. Yes…. Nothing much worth watching and when we do watch it is usually repeats of all the good old programs.

  4. What happened to good movies, why cant they support local actors and make good dramas, we need another Hector Crawford, Graham Kennedy, sick of reality crap. Thank god books haven’t been lost to us

  5. You can’t beat a good book!! We mainly watch SBS and ABC!

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    • I agree! I’d much rather read. Love the ABC news and some of the British shows, like Doc Martin, but I hate getting into watching series because they interfere with my reading.

    • Couldn’t agree more, refuse to watch that rubbish on commercial TV if nothing on ABC or SBS I read my book , in my lovely comfortable bed!! Won’t waste my time on rubbish!

  6. We are enjoying re runs of “Lewis”, “Frost”and “Morse”!! Thank goodness for Channel 72!! Oh, and”Foyles War” on the same channel. Current programs on the ABC etc. are pathetic.

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  7. I have Quikflix and binge on old TV series rather than watch TV. I do watch ABC News and a few of their other shows. I was a regular Sunrise watcher but gave up as it got too inane I now watch ABC News Breakfast if I turn the TV on in the morning. The only commercial TV I watch are some of the old British who dun its. The ads put me off commercial TV as there are so many every show runs over time. If I want to watch a later show on the ABC or SBS I won’t attempt a show on commercial TV first as I know it won’t have ended when the later show starts.

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    • I am much the same, don’t bother with the commercial channels anymore, as they are mainly all crap and the ads just drive me insane. ABC and SBS are the preferred channels, otherwise I turn it off.

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