Grace Kelly, eat your heart out! Bindi nails her impression in dance off 89



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It was ‘icons’ week on Dancing With The Stars’ US show, and as usual, our Bindi Irwin didn’t let us down. Dancing the foxtrot to the pop smash ‘Grace Kelly’ by Mika, dressed as Grace Kelly, and nailed the performance.

Even after scoring 30 out of 30 last week, the popular daughter of Steve Irwin was not able to escape a dance-off elimination round. In true Bindi fashion, she worked the dance floor, scoring 28 out of 30 and keeping her and her partner Derek Hough safe for another week.

Asked why she chose Grace Kelly for this week’s show, Bindi told backstage host Dominic Bowden, “Grace Kelly has always been my inspiration”.

“She’s such a strong woman who really stuck to her principles no matter where she went in life.”

Bindi also didn’t complain despite painful blisters and sores on her feet, showing how dedicated she is.

Take a look at her dance and tell us, do you think she’ll win the whole thing?

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  1. She is a beautiful and talented child, at age 16 she is not an adult, and deserves all the accolades she is getting

  2. now its 8th story same person……

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    • we have had way more than 8 articles on the Royals and truckloads on Helen Mirren and Judy Dench, did not see you complaining then, Bindy is an Australian and in a competition now and many Aussie are interested, if you are not.. skip by

    • Cheryl you don’t have to watch it or read it. Just flick by if all you have to say is negative. Maybe you are jealous you can’t do that????

    • ‘Spiteful people’ are we now back to resorting to name calling ? We are all entitled to comment and pass opinion without resorting to abuse and name calling

    • it is accurate Judy Cameron, people malignant personalities try in to infect others with their venom, if you don’t like the post skip by and stop trying to ruin it for others

    • Well mine arent spiteful – just passing my opinion that 8 stories on one person dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing dancing…..sure theres more to come……..

    • I hope so Cheryl Stacy because I really enjoy see her dance, it reminds me of the romance of old Hollywood

    • Surely something to enjoy and appreciate! I could never dance like that 2 left feet so I admire anyone who can achieve what Bindi has! Stop the negativity.

  3. As an Aussie I can say how proud I am if you Bindi. You look beautiful, dance amazingly and you have such strength and determination. You are your dad in so many ways and your mum has brought you up into a beautiful young lady. Congrats.

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    • Did you see in the news that she has blisters all over her feet, lost three nails which she has glued back with superglue? One determined young lady & to see just how good she is without any previous training just makes her achievements so much more. I think she should win

  4. Unfortunately many people see Bindi as an obnoxious kid, well she has done a lot of growing up over the years and turned into a beautiful and very talented young women which she has proven, go Bindi I think you have got this.

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    • Those same people need to have a good long look at themselves, Bindy lost her dad at a very young age, and I think she has grown into a lovely yound woman that her dad would be proud of.

    • So have a lot of others lost their fathers at a very young age. And no, not obnoxious at all……just cant see the importance of this crap/hype.

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    • Judy I’ve noticed that you always have something very negative to say about Bindi, if you don’t like her that is your prerogative so feel free not to comment.

    • Judy Cameron, many of enjoy seeing Bindy dance , if you don’t like it..go away and stop trying to infect us all with your pettiness and negativity

    • Yes I remember because Judy actually blamed me for that comment which I didn’t appreciate.
      An apology would have been nice however I guess that would be to much to expect.

    • Trish , just just doesn’t see that she is wrong, and as for an apology Christmas will arrive before that comes. I agree with you Trish , Binidi is a lovely young lady and all the best to her.

    • I am bewildered by the nastiness and spite that some people have for this young girl. Words fail me. Only thing I put it down to is jealously.

  5. She actually turned 17 in July but shows a level of maturity not seen in many twice her age. Good genes; a product of her wide and varied upbringing; who knows! But as others have said, she deserves all the accolades she is receiving.

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