Grab your tissues: Bindi’s heartfelt tribute to her Dad on DWTS 172



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Daughter of Steve and celebrity in her own right, Bindi Irwin has continued to amaze US audiences with her dancing ability on Dancing With The Stars. But last night’s how, themed ‘Your most memorable year’, saw a side of the vivacious teenager we haven’t seen much of.

Bindi decided to honour her father Steve in a tribute that left everyone in the room, and at home, weeping. We all remember the little girl whose daddy never came home, after he was tragically killed in 2006 by a stingray off Port Douglas. Her eulogy at his funeral as an 8-year-old was the last time Bindi had publicly grieved him.

The heartbreaking tribute show, nine years on, meant a lot to Bindi – “Most Memorable Year. Tonight’s show on @dancingabc means so much to me,” she wrote on Instagram.

“It’s going to be an emotional and meaningful night for us all. Thank you for taking this journey with us tonight.”

She and partner Derek Hough played the roles of daughter and father as they danced to The Police’s Every Step You Take.

But it was after the music stopped that really took everyone’s breath away. The crowd cheered, while Bindi cried her eyes out.

“This dance is for my Dad and for my family for everyone back at home, but for my Dad. This is for him,” Bindi said.

“We can’t judge the packages we have to judge the actual dance and that dance was breathtaking,” said judge Julianne Hough.

“He is proud of you. Australia and the world is proud of you,” said fellow judge Bruno Tonioli.

Bindi earned 28 out of 30, including a perfect score of 10 – the highest scores of the night.

We love you, Bindi!


Take a look at the video below and tell us, did it move you?

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  1. That was a beautiful dance Bindi, your dad would be very proud of you as I’m sure your Mum and Brother were also, well done.

  2. Absolutely beautiful Bindi, oh !so ! emotional, well done beautiful girl, your dad is the brightest and proudest star in the sky after seeing you dance ….

  3. For gods sake so sivk of this person. People are losing loved ones every day of the week .my parents are deceased i miss them and loved them but its only because of who she is we have to hear about it. She is noooooooooo star. Why is she called this.

    22 REPLY
    • Yes Geoff. I have lost loved ones too. But I think your comment us unfair. The fact is that Bindi’s loss was very public, and that was not of her own making. Her father was a public figure and larger than life. It’s not her fault and it’s not fair to diminish her achievements because she is in the public eye. Personally, I’m glad that I’m not in her position, especially in times of grief. Privacy is precious. Don’t denigrate someone because of their lack of it.

    • Yes judy so sick of hearing this crap all the time. They put these soooo called stars on pedistals and they are no one. No person is better than any other.

    • Yes agree laura but i dont want to hear about tjis irwin business all the time. All steve did was tease abd annoy animals and i always said to my wife that you csn only do this for so long because it will come back and bite you and it did. I am noy sorry for this person. Yes sorry he died young sorry for the kids but i dont want to bo reminded all the time.

    • I think the poor gir has never had a chance to find her own idenity. I think she has been encouraged to look at a lot of videos of her Father maybe so she won’t fortget him because she was so young when he died. In saying that she has a lot of talent and I hope she finds her own identity.

    • What a load of old misery guts. You must be pleasures to live with, especially Geoff Hallam. Hope she wins DWTS.

    • Geoff Hallam, I pity you for being a heartless SOB, I agree we all experience loss however Bindi and Robert were so young and have to relive it all the time in the news and on TV where most of us get to grieve and heal in our own time, don’t be so judge mental .

    • Geoff Hallam, people are not all equal, some are way better than others and you don’t rank very high at all in my view, bottom of the pile in fact. You are obviously not very mature and your bo ho comment only re enforces this.

    • Why oh why is one person better than othan another. Please tell me

      1 REPLY
      • GEOFF, WHY DID YOU CLICK ON THE SITE? (Some people actually have a bit of empathy which sets them apart from others)

    • We are all born equal, it is how we choose to live our lives and treat other people that makes some people better than others.

    • Thing is, she did it on her own, her dad had no part to play in the dance. I admire her, not her dad. Her grief is personal, not to be used by TV show producers to get attention.

    • Yes dawn i completely agree. They the show love this stuff and play on it for ratings.i feel sorry for the children too but the tv stuff is to much.

    • Geoff Hallam ,omg you are such a negative ,miserable person seems like you have no joy or happiness in your life ,I pity you!!!!

    • Personally, I think Bindi is a gorgeous young woman and a lovely dancer, BUT everyone has to move on sometime. I do feel for her and Robert, and can identify as I lost my own father at a young age, but is she going to break down in tears at every important time of her life? We all lose loved ones and go through horrific personal experiences during our lives, but we don’t all keep going on and on about it. She will never move forward emotionally unless she actively makes the decision to do so.

    • Dawn De Luca so you think it was only to get attention? Did you not see the theme of the nights perfomance?

    • Myra Sorensen How would you suggest a young girl “moves on” from her fathers death? Do you ever really “move on”?

    • No need to be so heartless it was a beautiful dance and it was dedicated to her father what is so wrong about it give her a brake and leave her alone

    • I loved the dancing, but when she broke down I turned off, I think she’s never been herself, seems a little false to me..

  4. Jeez there r some miserable sods in this world. Give credit where credits due. This young lady has been consistent thru this competition and done some great dancing which takes a lot of energy and concentration. Luved this dance.

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