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As we head into “finale week” in which all the TV stations wind up their meaningful programming and reach into the reruns and cat video bag, the stations have finalised their set lists for 2016 and, good news, one of our favourites has made it!

Channel Nine has confirmed that Love Child will return next year (and also House Husbands, if that’s your thing).

New from Nine is a sitcom called Here Come the Habibs! about a Lebanese migrant family that gets rich and moves to Australia’s wealthiest suburb. It is the first Australian scripted comedy TV series on a commercial network since Kath & Kim, nearly 10 years ago.

Nine also has a new crime thriller Hide & Seek, where police and immigration officials discover a group of potential terrorists who have entered the country under false passports and race to track them down.

We can also expect to see a biopic about Aland Bond called House of Bond, which will tell the story of how a Ten-Pound-Pom rose from the back alleys of Fremantle to become one of the richest men in Australia, until his empire came crashing down.

Over on Seven, the network has announced three new Australian series.

Jessica Mauboy, who did such a great job in  The Sapphires, is in her first major television role, in ‘feel-good’ drama series The Secret Daughter. 

Meanwhile Rebecca Gibney, from the hit show Packed to the Rafters, will return to the network as a woman on the run in Wanted.

Seven will also screen a two part mini-series, Molly, based on Molly Meldrum’s book The Never, Um … Ever Ending Story, which stars Samuel Johnson as the cowboy hat-wearing icon, charting his rise from humble beginnings to one of the most influential names in Aussie music.

It’s believed Ten will run new Modern Family episodes next year, and a new series of Offspring has been announced.

What will you be watching? Anything catch your eye?

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  1. The reality shows all got to much for me so I got Foxtel on last year so I could watch UKTV, best decision ever.

    2 REPLY
  2. Some of the new shows might be ok so long as it’s not reality tv. If it is I will be going back to watching 20 year old repeats of repeats.

  3. I never watch live TV. Record what I want to watch then fast forward through all of the ads and other promo crap. Watch an hour show in 40mins and then delete when finished or when I lose interest. B|

  4. Sounds like a load of the same old rubbish to me so I’ll probably still switch off after Today every morning.

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