Goldie Hawn shows off fantastic figure in a swimsuit! 81



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While enjoying a family holiday with her daughter in Greece, Goldie Hawn stripped down to a one-piece swimsuit and showed off her incredible figure.

At 69, she’s looking great and what we love most is how confident she is – it’s awesome to see someone over 60 being proud of their body! Ageing is a natural process and some things will sag and wrinkle over time but it’s part of life and embracing it is the best thing we can do, so we admire Goldie for setting such a wonderful example.

So take a look at the pics below and tell us, do you think she’s looking great?



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  1. Money no object, can look like her as well

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    • Money has got nothing to do with her figure she has always had a great body & legs,she has cellulite & age related marks the same as we all have & she is still only 69,I was still working then,think it’s in her genes,look at her daughter same bodies…obviously looked after herself good luck to her..

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