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She hasn’t worn a bikini in 25 years, but Kerri-Anne Kennerley has bared all for the cover of this week’s Woman’s Day – and for very good reason.

The star of the small screen is proud of her body for getting her through one of the hardest challenges a woman can face, breast cancer.

As she told News Limited, it was her husband who convinced her to say yes to the completely untouched shoot.

“As my husband said, ‘Why don’t you do it?’,” she told “‘You have worked hard and you won’t get another chance’ and I said, ‘oh good, thanks for putting it like that!’”


Kerri-Anne says she is the strongest and fittest she has ever been since her diagnosis in 2012, and subsequent all-clear in October last year.

Apparently, she requested that the shoot – her first ever bikini shoot – be as natural as possible, asking for no filters or Photoshopping, save for a little colour-correction to match her face to her body.

Part of the road to recovery included weight training.

“I found out I’d lost a lot of bone because of radiation and drugs and stuff from breast cancer and you can’t replace it without more drugs. The only way is weight training, so I’ve been doing weight training twice a week for a few months, it really, really works and that’s why I did it.”

Tell us, what you think about Kerri-Anne’s cover for Woman’s Day?

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  1. After all that work that makes her look like somebody who is not Kerri-Anne Kennerley, I think she definitely shouldn’t need filters or photoshop.

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    • Meeow! Meeow! Would any of those who have posted derogatory remarks about Kerri-Anne like a nice bowl of lovely creamy milk? I’m sure there are plenty that think, as I do, that she is an extremely attractive 62 year old woman who does now, and has for many years, put a lot of much younger women to shame. I am not ashamed to say that she certainly lights my candle. Go Kerri-Anne and don’t let the jealous cats who have made the nasty remarks spoil what you have achieved!

  2. Only 2 years and she gets the all clear? Isn’t it at least 5 years? I am going through this also.

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    • Yes Julie it is 5 years. My first cancer endometrium , I just got my 5 year clearance then was diagnosed breast cancer. I have just had my 1st of 5 years mammogram.

  3. Doesn’t even look like her…exactly whatever 🙁

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    • Agree, so much work done. Had to look 2x to see it was her. But congrats on fighting the cancer.

  4. Good for her but I too am not sure about the 2 year “clearance”. My surgeon has just cleared and discharged me after 10 years and I didn’t need to have chemo or radiation after my mastectomy.

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