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We know her from her big roles in Fargo, Mississippi Burning and Almost Famous, but she is one of the more humble and gracious celebrities.

Frances McDormand has said something that is music to our ears: she’s ageing naturally without plastic surgery.

In an industry that so demands that older women get nipped and tucked, she is certainly an anomaly.

“[My husband and I] have a lot of conversations about ageing and how difficult it is in our culture,” McDormand told Katie Couric from Yahoo! “I go on rants about it, I get a little too zealous about it and he cautions me to remember that not everyone ages the same way and I’ve been fortunate that I’m happy with the way I look and how I age”.

Frances stopped press or promos for her films for 10 years, so we’re glad to have her again in the spotlight, and putting out such a positive message to women.

“A friend of mine said, ‘younger women need you, they need your image and they need your voice, it’s a selfish thing you’re doing [by not speaking out].

“We are on red alert when it comes to how we are perceiving ourselves as a species. There’s no desire to be an adult. Adulthood is not a goal. It’s not seen as a gift. Something happened culturally: No one is supposed to age past 45 — sartorially, cosmetically, attitudinally. Everybody dresses like a teenager. Everybody dyes their hair. Everybody is concerned about a smooth face.

“I feel nostalgic for a time I didn’t even have. The time before we regarded ourselves with such criticism”.


Watch Frances McDormand talk about ageing below and tell us, do you agree with what she said? 



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  1. Far too much time and energy goes into anti-ageing activities. Life is not for ever………… is a process. Happy inside, reflects on the outside…… life

  2. I agree with her but I’m offended by a comment the interviewer made. “You embrace your aging don’t you”. WTF is that? So when we get to a ‘certain’ age it’s fashionable to accept and embrace it. How about whatever age we are we just enjoy life and let’s take age out of it and enjoy our bodies and our life.

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  3. I dont know who she is? Most of us are ageing naturally so I must have missed the point here.
    I agree with Linda Carley……we all just do the best that we can.

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    • She is a character actress ie changes appearance for roles. Example she used her pregnancy in Fargo as part of her role as a police officer. I believe character actors are less likely to rely on surgery

  4. Good to hear, I think the surgery makes them look worse, and you can’t face lift your whole body, so the age always shows somewhere.

  5. How old is Frances? I am a lot older than Frances, I think. I feel good at my age of 78yrs. I get very annoyed at how the outside world looks at older people. One becomes invisible in old age and does not get taken seriously. Ageism is well and truly alive. I have never been happier and contented.

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