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Fifty Shades of Grey, the book we all deny to having read, has been turned into a movie due to be released in Australia on Valentine’s Day 2015. It is due for a slightly earlier release in America and the controversial love story about a BDSM relationship has been given the official rating from the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America).

It has been given an R rating – meaning no one under the age of 18 can see the film in cinemas, but the explanation is a bit unusual…

“Strong sexual content including dialogue, unusual behaviour and graphic nudity, and for language.”

It is interesting, “unusual behaviour” hasn’t ever been a concern in film but hey, we guess that Fifty Shades of Grey can make anything happen! We wonder what rating it will have here in Australia…

So take a look at the film trailer below and tell us, will you be seeing this film?


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  1. Someone gave me the book, I have not read it but I have read comments in here about it and it didn’t sound like my kind of book so I won’t be watching the film..I am more an Anne of Green Gables type of girl lol

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    • just because I don’t agree with you Maureen Mo doesn’t mean you need to be off and get a life

    • Libbi, I loved the books. I found the first few chapters of the first one a bit boring, but had nothing better to do. I couldn’t wait to start the second and third ones though. I personally saw lots of things in these books. I saw how some people live, and regardless of what we think, some people do live like that. I saw what I thought was at first male dominance turn to what I thought was like the old saying, :let him think it’s his idea’. I saw passion, love and togetherness – and I thought it was well written for the type of literature it was. I saw most of all, a lot of fun and fantasy being had by lots of women and a few men from all different walks of life. The books may not be for everyone, but I certainly wish I had a Christian, but my best friend hated the first few pages and that was enough for her. This doesn’t mean that everybody likes them or should, you are entitled to your opinion no matter what anyone says. I am probably a very different person than you, but you and I have agreed on lots of stuff on this site and probably disagreed on some. So don’t worry about what other people say to you. Always be true to you and if they don’t like it – tough!!! 🙂

  2. A very old lady recommended I read the first Fifty book. I had never read anything like it before. I don’t mind at all saying I read them. I thank her, I read all of them and loved them. Plan on seeing the movie, although was a big fan of Matt Bomer for the lead. 😉 I think it will be lots of fun!!!!

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  3. Can’t wait! LOL. Enjoyed the books immensely – as did most of my more honest friends.. Daughter loved them too and I do thank my local library for catering to us lecherous mature women by providing them in big print!

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    • haha I worked with over 200 women who all but 3 read the books. Most loved them. A male psychologist I know read them and so did his partner. He said he couldn’t see what the fuss was about. She said, men seem to miss the excitement and romance side of the books. I think in the end Christian Grey was the slave to Anna. lol

    • Fran, I do think you’re right, there. Maybe that was the happy ending I thought I missed?

  4. No wont be seeing movie got half way through first book couldn’t see what the fuss was boring give me a murder mystery any day

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    • Read about a third of the first book. Most stupid book ever written. Wont bother seeing the movie

  5. I thought they were garbage. Who wants to see a woman used and abused! I won’t be watching!

  6. No thanks…forced myself to read the first book. It was extremely badly written. I thought the second might be an improvement but struggled to even get through the first chapter. Wouldn’t waste my time watching the movie.

  7. Read all the books and quite enjoyed them. There is a story there – not just sex. I’ll be off to see the movie. Can’t wait to see how the book is portrayed in the movie.

  8. Not read them. Seriously I haven’t. Was so over the publicity. Same with film. The pic you show puts me off too. I’m weird but his thumb nail gives me the creeps. Ha ha ha

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