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In his first public appearance since a place crash that almost killed him, Harrison Ford cut a sad figure as he hobbled on stage using a plastic light sabre as a cane.

Stunned fans went silent as Harrison’s Star Wars co-stars Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher grinned and rolled their eyes.

Casting aside his walking aide, 72-year-old Harrison Ford beamed at the crowd, holding his hands out as if to say “gotcha!”

For the crowd of die-hard fans, many of whom has slept outside the Comic-Con, a pop culture convention, in San Diego for days. it was a well-earned surprise.

Harrison joined his co-stars from the original Star Wars films. plus cast members from the latest film  for a behind-the-scenes look at The Force Awakens, followed by a concert in which the light sabres were put to good use. The surprise outdoor concert featured Star Wars music, performed by the San Diego Symphony.

The panel was Harrison Ford’s first public appearance since crashing his light plane earlier this year, whch came just months after breaking his leg on set of Star Wars: Episode VII.

He received a standing ovation from fans as he walked on to the stage. The Indiana Jones star looked touched by the gesture and assured the crowds he felt “just fine”.

Star Wars director JJ Abrams told the fans at Comic-Con to expect a preview of the film later this year.

Although he’s yet to fulfil his pledge to fly again. It’s great to see Harrison Ford back in action, and clearly he still has a wicked sense of humour.

Will you be seeing the latest instalment of the Star Wars franchise? 

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  1. Just adored him since seeing him in a small role in “American graffiti”, he is just well…….gorgeous.

  2. I always remember my boss’s wife and myself had this huge crush on him about 23 years ago but we both said he was much younger than we were at the time. Turns out he is 3 years older!!! I was 46 at the time and his age was apparently 39!! He or the studio added another year every few years to catch up to his real age lol.

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